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  1. Ranijuliet

    Play how to train ur piggy

    Ihttp://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=4872997391541[VIDEO] used the same method as above and this was my results :)
  2. Ranijuliet

    Play how to train ur piggy

    You can clicker train piggies. look it up on youtube. I trained my boy to do circles and hes 2 years old. Its the cutest thing ever!
  3. Ranijuliet

    Mites Whats this? Worried mummy. With pictures

    I wouldnt say stuck or loose. They come off easy but dont just fall off. They are at all lengths of the hair too. So would that be more like flea dirt? I had a good look and didnt find anything on their skin. Ill give them another bath in the next couple of days. Thats where I've seen those...
  4. Ranijuliet

    Mites Whats this? Worried mummy. With pictures

    So I was doing my weekly cage clean and decided to give my pigs a bath. I noticed these on the white part of my pigs. To me they look like small head lice eggs. The first picture is before the bath and second (of the white fur) is after the bath so the bath helped get rid of them. I could only...
  5. Ranijuliet

    Photos Just wanted to share!

    Beautiful pictures :)
  6. Ranijuliet

    Pregnancy Guinea pig pregnant or not?

    When my girl had babies it was within 2 week of baby kicks that she gave birth. I'm no expert tho. Good luck!
  7. Ranijuliet

    Lump Scampers' lump, surgery, and recovery

    Re: Post surgery, GP is not eating or drinking much Hello, I know its not quite the same but I had one of my boars neutered and he was in pain, didn't move and barely ate for about 4 days, also his condition went down so much, he was skinny and his fur was dull and he just looked sick. I...
  8. Ranijuliet

    messy eater, or just normal

    Re: is this normal I have this problem too. And one of my girls always sits and pees in her bowl!
  9. Ranijuliet

    Sexing Baby Guinea Sexing?

    I cant really see much in the photos but I've found that they mostly all have a Y shaped area. If you gently push/feel around it the boys pop out will all be connected (no gaps or holes). In the girls the top part of the Y wont be joined. Around the V part will be separated from the rest. Sorry...
  10. Ranijuliet

    meeting the cat

    http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=4724227792394&notif_t=video_processed Here's a very short video of my kitten, Cas (from supernatural) and piggie Shadow <3 we use to watch supernatural together
  11. Ranijuliet

    meeting the cat

    :). I still think its ok as long as you keep a good eye on them. I mean this heppened when I was sitting 3m away from the cage so you definetly need to be watching. But I had a kitten about 2 months ago (ran away:( ) and I introduced my pig and kitten on my bed. I have the cutest video of them :)
  12. Ranijuliet

    meeting the cat

    I felt the exact same way with my cat. I've had her for 9 years and pigs for about 6, and I've never had a top on my cages. All was good until unexpectedly on Tuesday she jumped into my cage, as usual, but this time grabbed one of my baby piggies. I got her in time to not have badly harmed my...
  13. Ranijuliet

    Cleaning I need your best tips

    I've been finding my fleece cage alot to take care of. I'm in year 12 at school and I spot clean it every morning and im just wondering, is fleece the best bedding to choose?
  14. Ranijuliet

    Need help!

    Okay thanks :) I guess that must've been it. But I still recon they are holding a grudge bacause of bad experiences. what do you recon?
  15. Ranijuliet

    Need help!

    Beautiful piggs :). My boyfriend originally got 2 boars that got along great for a couple of months with the occasional fight. After about 4ish months the fights kept getting worse and worse and they started making each other bleed. I took one boar home and got him neutered (2 months ago) and...
  16. Ranijuliet

    New member looking for advice

    oh wow they are beautiful :D. cant wait too see the babies!
  17. Ranijuliet

    General im allowed to foster!!

    I'm sure they'll love it :). I would love to foster pigs but my shelter never gets any in. Makes finding new piggies harder
  18. Ranijuliet

    Photos piggie beds,

    I really want to get into sewing for my piggies. I want everything to be cute and match :) Good job on these two, I'm sure the pigs will love them
  19. Ranijuliet

    General im allowed to foster!!

    Yeah, I'm looking after my bfs pig atm because he lives out of town and he just got his boy neutered (so he's closer to the vet, just in case) and he just has a store bought cage (convincing him to get c&c) but I've extended it and made a ramp into the original cage so he has more room :)
  20. Ranijuliet

    General im allowed to foster!!

    I'm very excited for you! My boyfriend was the one who got me into pigs (Little did he know I would turn into a crazy pig lady!) But my friend had to convince her boyfriend to let her have them. I'm sure after he sees their cute faces he'll be sure to cave in. I use fleece and my bf uses wood...