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  1. Dinochick

    How should I clean my cavy?

    I have put teebo in the sink with a towel and just used the spreayer from the sink. He gets a bit nervious at first then calms down and purs. He likes to grab the sprayer and get a drink :)
  2. Dinochick

    Travelling with Toffee

    I am also moving to Montana in two weeks, weird! I was going to ask the same questions. I am going to have 3 cats and the piggy with only myself in a Blazer (that will also be full of computers and tv and other electronics) so it is going to be cramped. I was thinking of leaving Teebo in his...
  3. Dinochick

    Where do you keep your Guinea Pigs?

    I keep Teebo in the dinning room, but it is a very open room betweent he kitchen and the living room, so he can almost always see one of us (or a cat, since he thinks he is a cat anyway). He had a place next to a window so he can see out, the cats can lay next to him and he can lay inthe sun. It...
  4. Dinochick

    Poop clots

    Thanks everyone! Impaction was the word I was having a hard time rembering. Teebo is only a year or so old and seems to be very healthy. I will keep it all in mind incase it happens again. Thanks!
  5. Dinochick

    Poop clots

    Thanks! It fell out on its own, he is running around the floor very happly
  6. Dinochick

    Poop clots

    I was wondering if anyoen has ever had a problem with there pigs getting "ppop clots" as we call them. Every now and then I have noticed that Teebo will get one, just a build up of poop stuck in his butt, as if it is to hard/thick to be forced out, making him constipated maybe (plugged up)...
  7. Dinochick

    sneaky way to clip nails

    Thats a great idea. I can just stick a carrot that is too big to fit between the bars though the rough and Teebo will do the same thing. Great thinking, thanks for sharing!!
  8. Dinochick

    Anyone have websites?

    Wow! Thats you are all so nice to say such things! I really appreciate the compliments! Treen, you have so many cute piggys! Do you run a piggy motel for people when they go on vacation? It sure looks like you have taken care of alot of other pigs. Very cool website!
  9. Dinochick

    Anyone have websites?

    Thanks! Yours are all so cute too!! You are so lucky to have so many!! I hope to get Teebo a friend after we move next year.
  10. Dinochick

    Anyone have websites?

    Here are some pictures of my piggy from my website: http://www.dinochick.com/pets/teebo.htm
  11. Dinochick

    Gourds for hidey house?

    I am sure it would be ok, and cute. Besides, gourds taste horrible (!) and I am sure your piggy would take one bit and decide that 'he' did not want to chew on it anymore.
  12. Dinochick


    Well, it happened the last time you know ;-)
  13. Dinochick


    Has anyone ever hear aything about wether it is bad or not to feed your pigs nuts? Teebo was on the floor for some play time and found a stray peanut (unsalted & unshelled) and ate it before I could get it away from him, so I was just wondering if this was going to be a problem for him?
  14. Dinochick


    Education is better than ignorance. We should not criticize other cultures. They exists in a way which we do not understand in our privileged society. Over there, sometimes food is food and when you’re hungry, not much matters. So maybe we should become more educated before we criticize other...
  15. Dinochick

    What types of Fruit do your GP Eat?

    Gee, Calm down and get over it! I am not trying to attack you!!!! I think you need to just get over it, along with all of the rest of us. I am also not yelling at you!! Calm it! None of us (I am sure) want anyone to leave this forum over something as petty as this, seriously...
  16. Dinochick

    What types of Fruit do your GP Eat?

    Can we stop this!!! Good advice, maybe you should take it, instead of posting a PM (Private Message!!) that someone sent to you at your request. That was none of our business and I am assuming you posted it here in order to make us upset at Denise. It’s not working! Can we finally get over this...
  17. Dinochick

    What types of Fruit do your GP Eat?

    My piggy loves apples and oranges, but dosen't like strawberries. He goes nuts over the oranges, butis pickie, just likes the organic ones. It makes me wonder if he can smell/taste the pestasides on the others? Those are also some great suggestions, thanks, I will have to give them a try!
  18. Dinochick


    Mine did the same thing but they never quit, so I gave the other one away :( He was always sad and scared of Teebo. He wouldnt even let me hold him.
  19. Dinochick


    Thanks :) I use Carefresh in his cage with a thin layer of pine underneith it. I think the water must just be going down the wrong way. I held him after he did it once and he kind of burped up some water, then was happy as usual. Thank you for your advice.
  20. Dinochick


    Cant edit my post Sorry, I can't figure out how to edit my post. Maybe a more appropriate title would be coughing and choking. Its somewhere inbetween. He is fine after he coughs a few times, but I do not understand whay it is happening in the first place or it its something to be really...