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  1. sstickly22

    Introductions Help with Introductions!

    I have a 2 X 6 lower level as I know the 2x2 and 1 x 2 upper levels don't count. I did clean everything and put all new hidey houses in. I think Darwin has worn herself out because now she will chase her and then fall asleep for a while and do it all over again. She is letting her eat so I...
  2. sstickly22

    Introductions Help with Introductions!

    OK so I am sorry for posting so many questions today. I have not been active in quite a while. My new 4 week old pig was introduced to my 2 females and neutered male today due to her not eating and while she is happy now my dominate female pig is not taking to the idea of adding a 4th to their...
  3. sstickly22

    Bonding Bonding Success!

    Yeah we did it! Left- Darwin(female), Center Chewy Pooh (Male/N) right Piggles!
  4. sstickly22

    Pregnancy Oh No! I think my Rosie is pregnant...

    Great News!!!
  5. sstickly22

    Pregnancy Oh No! I think my Rosie is pregnant...

    What the verdict? Hope everything is OK.
  6. sstickly22

    General Lavender Oil and Guinea Pigs

    We have a problem with spiders in out house since it is cold out and they seem to like to the hay. We have contacted KM Hayloft and put the NEW hay in a Rubbermaid container and we are hoping this keeps them out of the hay. I heard that you can use lavender essential oil mixed with water to...
  7. sstickly22

    Behavior Pre-Introduction Floor Time Adivse

    I just added a new boy a couple weeks ago and have 2 females currently. He was quarantined at the rescue and his cage is in teh same room as the two females so obviously they know each other exist. I tried to have him neutered Friday and he vomited during anesthesia induction so he will be...
  8. sstickly22

    General Naming Help

    Here are his future cage mates when he is fixed! Darwin(black and white) Piggles (Brown, Tan and White)
  9. sstickly22

    General Naming Help

    I got a new pig last week. He is 4 months old and will be neutered Friday. The vet needs a name so I am turning to you all for help. I came up with Rodney but no one else liked it. My other two are Darwin and Piggles and both female. Here is the new guy.
  10. sstickly22

    Rehoming I might rehome...

    I have 1 cat, 2 dogs and 3 pigs and am in Med school full time. I have had at least 3 dogs the entire time I was in undergrad and live alone. I don't think of any of this as work and I am sooo happy when I come home and am greeted by my dogs, then cat and then all 3 pigs yelling for treats...
  11. sstickly22

    Behavior Introduction Male and Female

    He was quarantined at the rescue and it is my understanding that there is no quarantine with a reputable rescue that has had them for more then 3 weeks. Also apartment is only one room and a bathroom which won't fit a C and C cage big enough for him.
  12. sstickly22

    Behavior Introduction Male and Female

    I have 2 females that are bonded and are 10 months and 5 years. I just got male pig and he is a 4 month old male that will be neutered soon. Is there any value in doing any type of introductions through cages to see if they get along before getting him neutered? I know you can't put them in...
  13. sstickly22

    Photos More photos of Sonic :D

    He is amazing! I love the coloring! Thanks for sharing I love looking at other people pigs, they are all so different.
  14. sstickly22

    Dominance Barbarring does this stop?

    Hahah Yeah well she doesn't mind or at least she doesn't move away. I think it is hard to watch but only have 2 female pigs and separation is not an option. She is an adolescent pig as far as I can tell as she is getting bigger since we have had her in the last 4 months. Maybe this will die...
  15. sstickly22

    Dominance Barbarring does this stop?

    OK I posted about 3 months ago that one of my pigs was barbarring the other. This is continuing to go on and she has 2 bald spots the size of a quarter. Will this stop and is this normal. She only does it when they are out in floor time and she just sit there and eats the other ones fur. I...
  16. sstickly22

    Photos Pigtures of my WHOLE gang!

    You pigs are sooo cute. Your all brown pig looks like my past pig snickers and you tri colored one looks like his lifetime wife Blue. I also have a Darwin she is a female american black and white.
  17. sstickly22

    Bonding Pigloo re-introduction

    Does anyone have experience with pigs being able to use pigloos after a period of time or should I just give up on the pigloo idea? Or, Is this ok and harder on me then the pigs as there is no blood.
  18. sstickly22

    Bonding Pigloo re-introduction

    I have 5 pigloos 2 giant ones and 3 regular ones. It is not for a lack of hideys Darwin just likes piggles out of whatever she is doing to make her presence known.
  19. sstickly22

    Bonding Pigloo re-introduction

    My pigs have been housed together for about 2 months give or take. As soon as I think they are finally done with their dominance issues of one entering a pigloo while the shy one is in there and barbarring (sp?) her and the shy one screaming (not in pain and no blood) it happens again and I...
  20. sstickly22

    Bonding The boys "interact" with Daisy Mae

    Aww that sounds soooo sweet! I had a shy pig and she started screaming for the other new pig across the room before they were introduced. I hope it works out well for well. Our introductions were very stressful on me and my shy pig but now they enjoy each other company a lot even if they...