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  1. widallas

    HELP!!! I need the truth!

    I use kiln-dried pine for my pigs -- it absorbs odors, is easy to spot clean, and a huge bag costs me $5 from the local feed store. As voodoo said, airing it out significantly reduces the smell. I just keep a huge bin next to the cage filled with shavings, so they are always ready to be used...
  2. widallas

    Newspaper Ads or Rescue?

    Why not have her mom contact the people who placed the ad first? Chances are, if it's a case of someone bringing home a pregnant pig from a pet store, the babies will either go back to the store or to a rescue anyways, if not to someone who will use them as "feeders." (Eck, what an awful term.)
  3. widallas

    cavies for the first time

    Hola, Cavy Paulita! Bienvenidos a Cavy Cages. I was in the Peace Corps and lived in Uruguay for two years, and have spent some time in Argentina, especially in the South. You have a beautiful country, and boy do I miss yerba matte! I impressed with your ingenuity -- so many people would...
  4. widallas

    Baby Pigtures at Last!

    They are so cute. I have to admit, I really want to adopt a baby but feel a little overwhelmed between family AND GP upkeep. If you were closer, though, I don't think I could resist!!!
  5. widallas

    Pet Shop Products, True or Garbage?

    I use vinegar and water to clean, but hate the smell. I follow up with a Simple Green spritz and wipe down -- it has a very mild, pleasant odor, is biodegradible, and I already have it around the house...
  6. widallas

    GP at my son's school

    DaCourt -- You bring up such good points. I had a friend who had a gp in her classroom, and was such a wonderful caregiver and teacher that I just assume that others take the time and do the research like she did. She was willing to go the extra mile to taker care of her animal -- with so much...
  7. widallas

    GP at my son's school

    If the talk with the teacher about a larger or C&C cage goes well, try explaining to her how easy it is to set up and how the kids could potentially help. (Decorate the hidey house, snap together the connectors, etc.) Kids at that age just want to get involved...it gives them a real sense of...
  8. widallas

    One more question - allergies?

    I agree with Marlania -- everyone is different. My son and I both have seasonal allergies, and we may sneeze a bit when cleaning the cage and refilling the hayrack, but nothing bad at all.
  9. widallas

    90degree weather ideas

    We have been freezing their water bottles about 1/2 to 3/4 full, adding some cold water and putting those in their cage to drink -- it stays cold longer, and they are drinking SOOOOO much water right now.
  10. widallas

    advice, no pellets for pigs.

    Thank you once again, Slap!
  11. widallas

    advice, no pellets for pigs.

    Could someone explain a bit more about pear and apple branches, what types you feed to the pigs and any type of preparation involved? Sounds interesting...
  12. widallas

    I am getting piggies on Sunday!

    The cage looks awesome, and what CUTE piggies. (The guy with the orange blaze on his cheek has such an interesting look.) Congrats!!!
  13. widallas

    Joy of pigs

    I just started working again, after five years at home with the kids, and adjusting to life's schedule with little kids, work, etc. has not left a lot of free time. I've made a real effort the last few week or so to have lap time with the piggies everyday, and last night Louis quickly settled...
  14. widallas

    No more piggies for my kindergarten!

    It's such a rare thing in education that kids kid to apply learning to things they really care about. I admire the way that you used the cavies to teach on so many levels, and that you kept their care at the top of your priority list. I agree with Lyndsay that you might want to take up the...
  15. widallas


    I think iceburg lettuce is the main one that has no nutrional value -- dark, green leafy veggies (including romaine and green leaf lettuce) are good. I haven't tries endive or kale yet, but hope to pick some up this week since everyone keeps mentioning it. To me, your piggies diet sounds...
  16. widallas

    The boys doing well

    Glad to hear the adjustments are going better!
  17. widallas

    web sites with reasonable prices?

    This Ebay store seems good -- resonable prices and shipping, and good feedback. http://stores.ebay.com/E-Pet-Products_W0QQssPageNameZviQ3asibQ3astoreviewQQtZkm
  18. widallas

    Getting adjusted to new home--advice please

    We just got our guys a few weeks ago, and they are still adjusting to their new home. I think that it's easy to forget how short a time you've actually had them, so I marked the date on my calendar when we adopted them, and a little "1, 2, 3" etc. on the same day each week for the month. I...
  19. widallas

    When should I try to pick them up?

    The first time I told my friends I was pissed with my hubby, they all fell over laughing....yeh yeh, har dee har.... I told another friends's hubby that in the States, we just call a 'tuque' a hat, his response was, "Americans -- they're a simple people, eh?" Now Slap's got me all perplexed...
  20. widallas

    washing gp stuff

    I usually wash the dishes and scrub the water bottles whenever I clean the cage, so I guess twice a week. I change out their fleece beds once a week, and wash them with the cage fleece. As far as completely disinfecting the cage, I'll probably do an all-over quick wipe-down once a month. I...