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  1. Elsie Chan

    Sick Guinea pig unusual

    Cheers! Little guy has started getting his appetite back but his poops are still small but firm. Going to the vets tomorrow if it takes the turn for the worse.
  2. Elsie Chan

    Sick Guinea pig unusual

    my guinea pig boar which is two and half years old, he was fine yesterday but just recently today his poops are so tiny like 1/4 of what they usually are. he also isnt eating or drinking like usual. i am going to the vet soon but i would like to know what symptoms hes showing for which sickness...
  3. Elsie Chan

    Chewing Safe woods for wooden cages

    Hello! I was wondering what kind of wood that can be safe for guinea pigs in case they chew on the sides. I'm thinking of Plywood lined with Vinyl tiles for the bottom of the cage, any suggestions of what wood I can use for the sides? I was also wondering if this Billy bookcase is an option for...
  4. Elsie Chan

    Hay Cockroaches

    I found a cockroach in my hay bag, would it make my Guinea pigs sick? thank you
  5. Elsie Chan

    Australia Vets in melbourne

    I was wondering where y'all go to for Guinea pig consultations/concerns/treatment vet clinics. As I live far from Lortsmith, Warranwood and Melbourne Rabbit clinic I was wondering any other vet clinics that are excellent in Guinea pig care. I live near Kew. Any suggestions? I was wondering about...
  6. Elsie Chan

    Sick Crackling Noises!! Guinea pig Boar!!

    My 2 year old Boar, Abercrombie has recently been making "crackling noises" from somewhere. his behaviour is normal, eating a lot like before and drinking normally, His crackling noises go on and off like one hour he makes the noises and then the next he is fine. Uri? hay allergy? help?