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  1. thegpiglioness

    How many pounds of hay?

    I buy a 9lb bag of hay and it lasts me at least 2-2.5 months and I have two gpigs right now. I asked the store where I get my hay from how much they can get in and they said 50lb bags, but not only do I not have a good area or way to store that it would take months for it to be gone and I would...
  2. thegpiglioness

    Sick Gpig and Food for weight gain.

    Update on poor Noboz- Today Noboz went to have her surgery done. The surgery cost $658.00. She has a drain placed in her, in the side of her head but more under,if you know what I mean. I have to give her these meds.: Metacam 1-2 times a day for pain. Buprenex injections 2-3 times a day for...
  3. thegpiglioness

    Sick Gpig and Food for weight gain.

    I have a question about how to help a skinny piggy gain weight. My piggy Noboz,(the pig that is my avatar pic.) was diagnosed with middle ear syndrome which has caused her to have symptoms of Horners syndrome and facial paralysis on one side of her face. Middle ear syndrome is when the bulla...
  4. thegpiglioness

    Appalled,Shocked and Scared

    My Doberman Mix Has been on Canidae for the 4 yrs we have had her and at the supply only Petstore I get my dog food from the lady who works there said she's never seen a better coat on a dog who was on Canidae.. I highly reccomend the food for dogs..keeps their coat shiny and its good for dogs...