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  1. nismosmama

    Won't Eat Veggies How can I fatten him up?

    I just wanted to give a quick update. We've been having good progress as far as Momo cooperating when it comes to hand feeding. He now lets me give him the pellet mash with the small syringe, but he will only take about 10 cc's in one sitting and he's done, he won't let me get anymore in his...
  2. nismosmama

    Won't Eat Veggies How can I fatten him up?

    Ly, the vet didn't tell me. We have a follow-up appointment on Monday, so I will ask him for sure. When he told me about feeding him, he just said foods low in calcium and didn't mention anything about oxalic acid, so I will ask him about that too. Basically all he emphasized for me not feed...
  3. nismosmama

    Won't Eat Veggies How can I fatten him up?

    Thank you Ly, that was my concern, I had no idea if carrot tops were high in calcium and it sounds like they are. What about other herbs like maybe basil, mint, etc? I'm wondering if he might like those and if they would be ok to give him at this time?
  4. nismosmama

    Won't Eat Veggies How can I fatten him up?

    He just had surgery on Monday. I picked him up on Tuesday evening. So it's only been a few days. He hasn't lost anymore weight since I picked him up, but he also hasn't really gained any. I "think" I may have found something he likes. I bought a bunch of carrots with the leaves still on...
  5. nismosmama

    Won't Eat Veggies How can I fatten him up?

    My Momo recently had surgery to have a kidney stone removed. From the time he developed the stone, we found it in an Xray, and finally surgery, he lost about 200 grams. When he went into surgery he wasn't even eating half of the veggies I was giving him, and I was giving him the most variety...
  6. nismosmama

    Nutrition Veggies that make poop go *squish*

    I had to switch out of using fleece for this exact reason :(. I really like fleece for my pigs, but the mess is TOO much, I was having to wash their feet at least once a week because their feet would become covered in dried poop that they stepped on while still mushy. I use Pine now and the...
  7. nismosmama

    How much hay?

    I say research a little and look around. For example, here in San Diego I buy my hay from my vet's office. All the proceeds go to the House Rabbit Society. I get a huge box for only $10, and I use it for both my rabbit and my 2 pigs and the box lasts me at least a month. I know many times...
  8. nismosmama

    Whats your piggies favourite every-day veggie?

    Mixed baby greens, oh my goodness, they get an attitude if they don't get them. A couple of times I have run out and only gave them green peppers, some carrot and something else, and they will search around for a while for the greens. Finally they give up and have to eat what's there because...
  9. nismosmama

    Drinking too much water?

    Momo is about 2 1/2 years old. He gets daily mixed baby greens with no spinach, a few pieces of regular carrot, green peppers, sometimes red peppers. Once in a blue moon he'll have a piece of apple, but not often. Perhaps he is playing with the bottle, I never really thought of that, but then...
  10. nismosmama

    Drinking too much water?

    Is it possible for a pig to drink too much water? It seems my Momo is constantly at the water bottle. He's been fine physically, hasn't shown any symptoms and clues about anything being wrong with him. he's eating, playing, sleeping and being himself, my fat Momo pig like usual. Any...
  11. nismosmama

    Cavies and Strawberrys

    Ha! I know that look too. My pigs are used to their baby greens mix, their green peppers and some carrots. When I give them something new, or I don't include their mixed greens, they sniff all throughtheir bowl and look at me like "um hello, did you forget something??" Spoiled pigs :P
  12. nismosmama

    Doesn't Like Any Veggies

    It does take some time like the girls mentioned, but once she gets a taste for the veggies she likes, believe me, she'll be squeeling for them =). My boys LOVE peppers (green, red, orange, yellow), I also give them tomatos, carrots, and I try to give them another random veggie each week to see...
  13. nismosmama

    Yes! New Hay!

    Haha, very true. My Ebay ID is 'sdxicana' I don't have anything up for sale right now, but am looking through my house later to see what else I can get rid of :)
  14. nismosmama

    Yes! New Hay!

    FINALLY, I was able to afford to buy the piggers new hay and pellets. Although I have no doubt that the hay offered by KM is great, the shipping is just so much, PLUS handling fee, I could just never afford to pay that much for hay. So finally I was able to sell something on Ebay last week and...
  15. nismosmama

    Are the hey racks safe?

    I really don't like that ball thing. My piggies love to jump in the hay and really enjoy it as they eat it, with a rack like that they have such limited access. I use the bent grid, here is my Nismo enjoying his hay and jumping in the rack
  16. nismosmama

    When to replace hay?

    LOL Nismo is picky with his hay, first he'll pick out all the little bushy pieces, like the ones that have the little heads that crumble apart. After he picks all those out, he'll eat a few other pieces. I like to put lots of hay out, and the hay that falls off the rack I'll clean out like...