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  1. xxozzypigxx

    Comment by 'xxozzypigxx' in media 'Becky's Free Range, #25'

    Aw, my two pigs are that color!
  2. xxozzypigxx

    Comment by 'xxozzypigxx' in media 'Nap Time'

    I love the couches!!! I also love the way the closest pig is stretched out across his couch!
  3. xxozzypigxx

    Another Water bottle?

    Thanks for the tip!
  4. xxozzypigxx

    Another Water bottle?

    I've noticed in the gallery, the majority of the cages have more than one water bottle, sometimes for only one guinea pig! I have two pigs and just one bottle. Everyday when I change the water, it's usually not empty. Should I get another bottle just in case? Thanks!
  5. xxozzypigxx

    Comment by 'xxozzypigxx' in media 'Loft'

    Aw! How did that pig get up on the pillow? They're adorable!
  6. xxozzypigxx

    Comment by 'xxozzypigxx' in media 'The Hedgie Apartment'

    Amazing cage, but I don't think guinea pigs use exercise wheels as it is bad for their backs. Great job though!
  7. xxozzypigxx

    Comment by 'xxozzypigxx' in media 'Basil and Gizmo's cage complete with extension!'

    Wow! It looks great! But does it take long to clean? Also, how would you clean the white fleece?
  8. xxozzypigxx


    Welcome to the forum, Linda. Enjoy finding information for your pigs on this forum!
  9. xxozzypigxx

    Cat collar

    The collar could get caught in something, making it even more uncomfortable for the g. pig. Let alone having one on in the first place.
  10. xxozzypigxx

    Not sure if I agree

    Thanks for all your advice, I only allow them out on sunny days and when they're supervised. I'll discuss it with my mam.
  11. xxozzypigxx


    Hi Linda, welcome to the forum. It's funny, I share the same passion for chihuahuas, boxers, horses, donkeys and of course guinea pigs as well! Hopefully, there will be a rescued guinea pig just waiting for you to take him home!
  12. xxozzypigxx

    Not sure if I agree

    My dad is building an outdoor run for my guinea pigs and we were going to keep them out all day through the summer and take them in at night. Recently my mam was thinking about building another run for inside my shed to keep them in at night.I'm not 100% sure if this is okay. Then she thought...
  13. xxozzypigxx

    Ireland Where can I buy cubes?

    I REALLY want to build a C&C cage for my guinea pigs, but I've never seen cubes before in Ireland. Can anyone from Ireland recommend some shops where they sell cubes? Thanks!
  14. xxozzypigxx

    Ireland hi from Ireland ..!

    I think it's www.guinea-pig-rescue.com, I'm pretty sure. I can't reach it either but I like looking at the website!
  15. xxozzypigxx

    Where's Nismo?

    Nismo's lovely, he's really cute and I love his color. It's so cute how guinea pigs love to huddle up and hide somewhere that feels secure!
  16. xxozzypigxx

    Georgie, Lola and me

    Hi! Welcome to the forum. I'm pretty new as well myself! Georgie & Lola sound really nice, it's funny one of my guinea pigs sound just like Lola! His brother is cream as well but he's a longhaired. Georgie sounds like a really beautiful colour, I didn't have much of a colour choice choosing my two!
  17. xxozzypigxx

    Is my run Ok?

    I think it looks great!
  18. xxozzypigxx

    Ireland hi from Ireland ..!

    Hi! I live in Dublin, Ireland too and am still learning something new everyday. I'm looking for someone in Ireland who shares my passion! Oh yeah, for cavy-cool-crazy, there's a small pet rescue centre in Tipperary I think (If it's any use to you!). So I'll see you around. xxx
  19. xxozzypigxx

    Not drinking

    Oh yeah, I never thought of that. Thanks!
  20. xxozzypigxx


    I agree, a lot of Disney film sequels pretty much ruined the first ones. Although I enjoyed The Lion King 1 1/2!