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  1. Amanda Branch

    Behavior Crying baby

    I know all the introduction stuff. [emoji4] I've tried everything. They won't let him eat even with multiple food bowls or get water even with multiple water bottles. My hubby is a softie once he sees a piggie. I just have to find one. [emoji12]
  2. Amanda Branch

    Behavior Crying baby

    I will buy another another cage if need be and get another young male to pair with him. I hope that works. He is fine when I hold him and cuddle him. Put him in his cage and he cries like a baby.
  3. Amanda Branch

    Behavior Crying baby

    So sad seeing those cage pics. [emoji22] My black female with a little white passed away and my Camo male passed away. I have the cream colored male still and Lil Momma still. I checked urination, that is ok. I literally sat and waited. No crying during urination. I can't open my cages because...
  4. Amanda Branch

    Behavior Crying baby

    I can't expand my cages. I may have to start looking for a baby boy to pair with him.
  5. Amanda Branch

    Behavior Crying baby

    I have 3 males. Prancer, Turkey, and Caramel. I have 3 females. Lil Momma, Oreo, and Lil Miss. Lil Momma is caged by herself because that is what she prefers. She is not accepting of neither of the other females. Turkey and Caramel are caged together.
  6. Amanda Branch

    Behavior Crying baby

    My cages are 4 foot long by 2 foot wide.
  7. Amanda Branch

    Behavior Crying baby

    My other males are not accepting. I have all my cages next to eachother so all my piggies see eachother. My hubby will freak if I ask for another piggie. [emoji53]
  8. Amanda Branch

    Behavior Crying baby

    I have a 10 week old baby boy named Prancer who cries/chirps very loud about every hour. As soon as I pick him and live on him he stops. Any ideas on what I can do for my baby boy so he won't cry/chirp like this? It is all night and all day.
  9. Amanda Branch

    Sexing Trying to determine baby Miller's gender

    Looks like a boy to me too
  10. Amanda Branch

    Media Petition to Stop Live Animal sales in Petsmart and Petco

    I signed it through Facebook : )
  11. Amanda Branch

    Sick Popcorning...?

    All my piggies do that!! The do it when they get overally excited.
  12. Amanda Branch

    Goodbye Chewy :(

    I'm so sorry for your loss.
  13. Amanda Branch

    Post a Picture of your Guinea Pig!

    I love it!!!! Too cute!!!
  14. Amanda Branch

    Cage Rearranging cage

    Camo, one of my boars, seems to like to rearrange his cage. Does anyone else have piggies that do this? I think it is so cute to watch but I like things where I put them haha!!
  15. Amanda Branch

    How Many Cavies Do You Have? (POLL)

    5 girls 5 boys
  16. Amanda Branch

    Midwest Finally all set up!!!

    Here is a a female cage Here is my male cage
  17. Amanda Branch

    Midwest Finally all set up!!!

    I finally have all but one of my Midwest cages set cages set up!!! 3 out of 4 isn't bad!!! I wanted to combine and only have 2 but my piggies were not having that considering they were already in bonded pairs and trios. I will be posting pigtures soon as I am exhausted now and still have a...
  18. Amanda Branch

    Bonding My pigs help me with stress, anyone else's pigs calming like this?

    My piggies help me relax. When I'm feeling stressed and uptight I get them out for cuddle time and automatically feel calm and relaxed .
  19. Amanda Branch

    Fleece Any Fleece sales?

    I saved over $30!!!! I bought some other stuff also and had a 50% off coupon for that stuff.
  20. Amanda Branch

    Fleece addicted to fleece

    I definitely will!!! : )