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  1. ItsAmandaYall

    Cage How many piggies in 2'x2' cage?

    I figured four piggies was way too many in that space, but since a newbie thought I'd ask. This may sound dumb, but what are the dimensions of a 2x3 c&c cage? I'll pass on the breeder, and look at the rescues. I'm located in Houston, if there are any suggestions?
  2. ItsAmandaYall

    Cage How many piggies in 2'x2' cage?

    I know cage size via square feet, but that's gibberish to me. Would I be able to house any piggies in a 2'x2' c&c? I talked to a breeder close by and she said it would be perfect for four piggies. I'd get your thoughts/opinions too. Thank you.
  3. ItsAmandaYall

    Litter box training.

    Sorry to intrude but I thought that was hilarious. Also, I would like more info on litter box training and if I find any helpful tips I'll send them your way..
  4. ItsAmandaYall

    Cage Decorating guinea pig cage?

    Wow, everyone seems so nice here. I want a fleece liner so flipping bad but it would cost like $60 and I would sew but I don't have a sewing machine..I didn't think about changing themes for seasons, thanx for the thought. You're right about colors, just worried about people picking on me for...
  5. ItsAmandaYall

    Cage Decorating guinea pig cage?

    Awww TCTrun you made my day! I'm jealous of your popeye the sailor fleece, I bet the cage is not hideous but artistic, lol.
  6. ItsAmandaYall

    Cage Decorating guinea pig cage?

    Am I the only one who's weird about everything matching and a theme? I would LOVE to have girls and everything would be pink but I chose to go with boys so I have a few boy themes I like sailors and pirates..I'm thinking hammocks, cuddle cup, fleece liner etc.) Am I weird or are there others...