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  1. WheekingPiggies

    Hiding Gunky stuff on hideys-How to clean?

    Oh, I washed Domino's pigloo when I watched him one time. lol I just used dish soap and water, like I would for their bowls. So don't worry, it has been cleaned before, haha!
  2. WheekingPiggies

    Fur My Abyssinians don't like to be pet.

    Funny that you say that, because all of my abys have been the same way. (In the cage at least.) I've had three abys and they all refused to be pet while in the cage. My other breeds will tolerate or enjoy it. I do think that their fur has something to do with it. I'm sure there are some abys...
  3. WheekingPiggies

    Photos Any pigs on Instagram?!

    Yep, the Instagram for my girls is WheekingPiggies!
  4. WheekingPiggies

    Introductions Thinking of adopting a new female pig to bond with my female

    Yes, it's definitely recommended to quarantine! You'll want to keep her in a separate room for 2 weeks to prevent the spread of any illnesses the new piggy may have. Pet store cages are great for temporary quarantine cages or you can makeshift a cage with grids and a shower curtain.
  5. WheekingPiggies

    Behavior Laying down?

    First, your piggies are super adorable! Is one a teddy? Laying out in the open is a great sign, as it means they are very comfortable and relaxed. My teddy, Paisley, loves to plop down out in the open and it's the cutest thing!
  6. WheekingPiggies

    General Questions about care, food, etc.

    Alright, I have some answers for you! Pellets: Unfortunately the petstore was wrong recommending those to you. You want to give your guinea pigs a plain Timothy hay based pellet. You don't want any seeds, fruit, or colored bits. The best brands of pellets are Oxbow and KMS. KMS can only be...
  7. WheekingPiggies

    Media Someone Mistreating Pigs on YouTube

    Oh my goodness, I'm so annoyed now. I understand that some people give their animals improper care because they don't know what they are doing is wrong. She keeps guinea pigs and rabbits together, houses them in tiny cages, and lets them breed and then spouts stupid excuses to justify all of...
  8. WheekingPiggies

    Rescues Guinea pig Secret Santa, never to early!

    I'd suggest sending a PM to the lady who runs Secret Santa at the Facebook page above. The lady who runs the program, Lauren, is based in the UK. I know she would be able to answer your questions. I have actually just found out about it this year, but I believe she's ran this successfully for a...
  9. WheekingPiggies

    Rescues Guinea pig Secret Santa, never to early!

    Too funny that you posted this! I was actually just thinking about letting the members here know about this awesome cause. Of course, I'm definitely participating! I've talked with the lady who runs this project and she is so sweet to dedicate all her time and effort into this project. I really...
  10. WheekingPiggies

    Play Home made toy ideas?

    Well, you didn't have these supplies listed, but these are two of my girls' favorites. 1. Oatmeal container tunnel: If you get your oatmeal in those tunnel like cardboard tubes then you peel the wrapper off, take off the lid, and remove the cardboard on the bottom to make your own version of...
  11. WheekingPiggies

    Pigsitting Pet sitting around Illinois?

    Check your messages :)
  12. WheekingPiggies

    Adopting Can anyone in Indiana area help this piggy?

    I can not tell you how happy this makes me! He is going to live a much better life now! Total rags to riches story! Thank you for everything you and the rest of the folks at Wheekers do to help guinea pigs!
  13. WheekingPiggies

    Adopting Can anyone in Indiana area help this piggy?

    I'm glad you contacted them! I really hope things work out and you are able to rescue this little piggy. Please update the thread with any further developments!
  14. WheekingPiggies

    Adopting Can anyone in Indiana area help this piggy?

    That's a good idea. I think Critter Corral is pretty full right now, but do you know if they take in private surrenders?Otherwise I was going to recommend they could surrender the pig to Heartland small animal rescue or Wheekers guinea pig rescue.
  15. WheekingPiggies

    Adopting Can anyone in Indiana area help this piggy?

    I was browsing through Craigslist when I saw the poor guinea pig in this ad. https://chicago.craigslist.org/nwi/for/5094073262.html He has cedar bedding, is being fed hamster food and is being kept in a cage that he can barely turn around in. The usual uneducated owner, I'm sure. They are...
  16. WheekingPiggies

    General Poll: What are your top favorite three breeds of guinea pigs?

    I'm shocked that there are so many fans of short haired piggies. I guess it's because 90% of the guinea pigs in our area are Americans, so they seem pretty normal. I absolutely love the more unusual breeds. My favorites right now are: -Skinny pig -Peruvian -Texel Well, I'm sure I wouldn't be as...
  17. WheekingPiggies

    Frustrated Guinea Pigs in the Classroom - an alternative point of view :)

    Wow, you've clearly put a lot of thought into this. Honestly, these pigs will have a better home in the classroom that 75% of the people that have them as pets. I think the more time you spend interacting with guinea pigs, like holding and hand feeding them veggies, the more they enjoy the...
  18. WheekingPiggies

    Play Good site for guinea toys?

    A site I've ordered from before is Twilight Chinchillas. She make homemade chew toys, most of which are small pet safe. I recommend her because I ordered from here for Christmas and my piggies, normally fairly picky, and they absolutely loved it all. My piggies especially loved the purse chew...
  19. WheekingPiggies

    Play Why Do They Destroy Everything Cute?

    Apparently my piggies have great taste! I put this adorable owl toy in their cage the other day: http://www.bobbysbunnyboutique.com/corny-the-owl/ Now I'm left with two ragged balls of corn husk! While I'm glad they enjoyed the toy, I wish it could have lasted longer because it fit perfectly in...
  20. WheekingPiggies

    Play What's your piggies favorite hidey or cozie? Photos please! :)

    One of my girls' favorites is their Cozy Cave from the Cozy Cavy. It's super cute and comfortable for them and there always seems to be a piggy inside. It's also really well made.