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  1. sstickly22

    Hay Any green hay this year??

    I was unaware are any discount code?
  2. sstickly22

    Hay Any green hay this year??

    I am also from Michigan and I just priced out 10 lbs of Orchard Hay from SMS and Sierra and there is only a 5 dollar difference Does anyone have an opinion on which one i should order since the difference is not an issue?
  3. sstickly22

    Hay Bale Hay/Mixed with Alfalfa

    Since KM is out of bluegrass I figured I would try the feed stores and buy a bale. Most of them only have grass hay mixed with alfalfa. Is this OK for my pigs? I have a 6 year old, 1 year old and 6 month old. Is there a specific type I should be asking for?
  4. sstickly22

    Hay KM's no bluegrass!!! HELP!

    I have severe allergies to timothy hay and all my pigs are over 6 months. Is there some other hay I should try? Or another company? Every time I get Oxbow I can't breathe. Thanks
  5. sstickly22

    Pellets How long will it list?

    I didn't know you can freeze pellets? When is this advisable?
  6. sstickly22

    hungry or greedy piggy?

    Mine have started wheeking when they hear the dogs tags jingling cause that means someone is coming in the room even if it is the labs.
  7. sstickly22

    Brands Kleenmamas

    I just got my order of bluegrass and my pigs are IN LOVE! They can't get enough and they are eating more then I have ever seen! I am sure they will love it.
  8. sstickly22

    Hay Waiting for KM hay!!!

    YEAH!!! Just as I posted it UPS came! It is soft and green! Trying not to get my head in and smell to test allergies. I am not that brave.
  9. sstickly22

    Hay Waiting for KM hay!!!

    OK, I have seen posts before that the wait for KM hay is the worst part! I had the day off today and my hay is supposed to arrive today. Granted, I live in Michigan so shipping take a while but I cant wait for UPS HURRY UP I can't wait to see if the blue grass helps my allergies.
  10. sstickly22

    Diet Which is better?

    I am moving to the west coast! KM blue grass was 48 dollars for 25 lbs with shipping and I only live in Michigan.
  11. sstickly22

    Hay Very disappointed in Kleenmammas hay

    I just ordered 25 lbs of KM bluegrass and I hoping to not have any issues. Are everyone pricker issues resolved?
  12. sstickly22

    Brands Buying KMS hay - bulk orders?

    Is there anyone in Michigan that would want to split 45 lbs with me of bluegrass? Might save some money in shipping.
  13. sstickly22

    Brands Buying KMS hay - bulk orders?

    Wow where do you live if you can get 45 lbs shipped and all for 47 dollars? That is what is cost me for 15 lbs shipped. But I live in Michigan. They need somewhere closer.
  14. sstickly22

    Hay Hay quality questions (from a farm)

    I also have a question on this as I was going to do the same thing. How do I know if the hay is moldy? I have no sense of smell currently as I found out I am allergic to timothy hay. Can you see it????
  15. sstickly22

    Hay Best Hay for Timothy Allergies

    Has anyone with allergies had any luck with oxbow, KM or SM timothy hay? The only timothy hay I had before I knew better has been Kay-tee and my allergies were going nuts. I am ready to order KM as it is more cost effective and I saw some pigs don't like the blue grass in some cases. Does...
  16. sstickly22

    Vegetables Heading to the grocery store tomorrow. Help!

    My new rescue pig like Kiwi(treat on occasion only) cilantro, romaine and zucchini. She does not like red peppers as much but will eat them eventually.
  17. sstickly22

    Hay Buy the bale.

    Did you try Uncle Luke's in Troy or Grand River feed in Wixom? They are both locally run and owned and are very nice.
  18. sstickly22

    Pellets Younger Pig/Older Pig Pellet Type

    Great Thanks for the information. I will get parsley and alfalfa hay for lap time. I can't wait to meet them and bring them home Sunday!!!
  19. sstickly22

    Pellets Younger Pig/Older Pig Pellet Type

    If you have more then one pig in your cage and one is under 6 months old and the other is over 3, do you always have to watch which pellets they are getting or feed the separately or is one type ok for both??? I am looking to adopt 2 females under 6 months and just rescued a 3 plus year old and...
  20. sstickly22

    Diet Help me with my pigs' menu please?

    I posted recently about mine not eating Green Peppers and I followed the advise about feeding them only that first and it worked like a charm. Diamond was more then happy to eat the whole thing and 4 pieces to be exact. I solved that problem, 1 down several to go!