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  1. PenelopePig

    *waves* from Edinburgh, Scotland UK

    Welcome to you, Sammy and Simba!!
  2. PenelopePig

    Pros And Cons To Piggies!

    Pros: Adorable, fun, easy to care for, cute to watch, cheap to afford, friendly and small. Cons: Require hay which some are allergic to, need to be watched with dogs or cats (especially my house I keep them separate). That's just my opinions and not all people with allergies are allergic to all...
  3. PenelopePig

    Reference Guinea Pig names!!! What are yours?

    1 female black/orange/white abb,y name, Penelope. Will be adding a 2nd girl soon :)
  4. PenelopePig

    URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Meet Jackson

    He is precious, thank you for helping him!
  5. PenelopePig

    How can i convince my parents to get me a guinea pig

    Good to know thanks! Yes you can buy hay a lot cheaper, I plan to order online or even buy a bale from a local farm. but that's just what I picked up yesterday. My piggy was unexpected as she was a rescue and the other piggies in the cage were picking on her so I agreed to home her :) So I just...
  6. PenelopePig

    My return :)

    Thank you guys! I picked up Penelope last night. I'm letting her settle in and then I will get a pic of her up :) She is doing well and already eating like, well, a pig!
  7. PenelopePig

    How can i convince my parents to get me a guinea pig

    I think the main thing parents consider with allowing a young one to get a new pet, is responsibility and cost. Do you have other pets already? if so, start taking initiative to clean up their poo, clean cages, litter boxes, feed and water them, play with them, and walk them (depending upon type...
  8. PenelopePig

    Introductions Feeling nervous - Today is introduction day for Randy, Snickers, and Lucy!

    Your pigs are so cute! That is so great you adopted him, I hope they get along well :) I love watching popcorning piggies!
  9. PenelopePig

    Fleece Fleece liner tutorial video

    How neat! I'll be putting my sister to work making these lol. I think this would be great for my piggy, ferret, rat, and chihuahua. Looks like I need to buy a ton of fleece :)
  10. PenelopePig

    My return :)

    Thanks! I cannot wait to pick her up!
  11. PenelopePig

    Fleece How to Clean Fleece?

    I am considering using fleece for my new to come rescue piggy, Penelope. I have not had a guinea pig in over 8 years and my previous pigs used carefresh. My little rescue ferret currently has Fleece, but he is litter trained. How do you use fleece with guinea pigs? I will be getting Penelope and...
  12. PenelopePig

    Pellets Pet Store Pellets

    Great thanks!
  13. PenelopePig

    Photos Fresh Cage Friday!

    Super cute piggy! Nothing like a freshly cleaned cage
  14. PenelopePig

    Pellets Pet Store Pellets

    Awesome, I appreciate your help. Do you know if the KM pellets are fit for both Guinea pigs and Rabbits? My mom has a rabbit, I am wondering if we can order and split the pellet amount? We are in West Texas about 10 from you.
  15. PenelopePig

    Pellets Pet Store Pellets

    Hello, I am needing to pick up some pellets for my new pig as I bring her home today or tomorrow. I already have a good Timothy hay. I need the pellets to be at either Petsmart or Petco for this time around. I can happily order online later if anyone knows of a good online variety. At Petco I...
  16. PenelopePig

    My return :)

    Thanks, yes that was her. Well looking forward to meeting everyone here now and continuing on learning more!
  17. PenelopePig

    My return :)

    Thank you!
  18. PenelopePig

    My return :)

    Hello everyone, My name is Mary and I am actually not new to this forum! I used to be a member here about 10 years ago when I was a teenager. I had a c&c cage then and only 1 guinea pig as my mama would only allow 1 then. I know there are likely all different members here now. I do...