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  1. tillie

    Hello from the U.K

    Ive managed to order them from B&Q but they will take upto 21 days so looking forward to building my new cage.
  2. tillie

    Hello from the U.K

    Thanks, I have been checking out sites and will contact more tomorrow. The ones Eden/Screwfix sell are a fine mesh rather than a wire, wouldnt wire be better so they can see through better? I will keep you posted.
  3. tillie

    Hello from the U.K

    Hi Im Tillie and although I havent got my pigs yet I have been going on this site for a while now doing some research. As soon as I find a suitable cage (I was gong to get a shop bought one but now would like to make a C&C cage but Im having trouble getting the cubes) I will get 2 pigs. I have...