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  1. danav

    Spraypainting grids?

    It might work to paint the grids, but your connectors would still be gray...I don't think it would work at all to try to paint them. I personally think the gray grids (which I also have, by the way!) look nice with the fleece and accessories you have. Brown would look cool, but I've never seen...
  2. danav

    Painting Coro

    Would paint even stick to plastic coroplast? I'm thinking it wouldn't work at all. I currently use fleece sheets that I made that come up and over the sides of the coroplast, completely covering it. Looks great. I know you said you don't want to do that, you like flat pads better...but I'm...
  3. danav

    Does anyone know where to find this kind of litter box?

    I'd love to find the kind of containers used for litter boxes in this photo I found in the galleries: Bent grid rack - Guinea Pig Cage Photos Anyone know what that is and where to find it or something similar??
  4. danav

    Cage opinions on this idea for adding kitchen area

    Actually I did try a kitchen loft a few months ago, but ended up taking it down. It made changing the bottom of the cage too difficult (trying to reach under there to tuck the fleece over the sides). Plus, because it was a 1x2 area that was enclosed with grids on all sides, with only a small...
  5. danav

    Cage opinions on this idea for adding kitchen area

    I have a 4x2 C&C cage for our three female piggies. I use fleece bedding and really like it, except for the hay that gets all over it (and then gets wet, making it stick even worse). So I've been considering adding a separate kitchen area and wondered if you guys think this idea would work well...
  6. danav

    Is there a weight guideline for how long to keep cage baby-proofed?

    Our pup is 8 weeks old and weighs 16.75 oz (475 g). I was wondering...are there any guidelines that indicate when it's safe to remove the baby-proofing on the cage based on weight? I have read it's safe when the pup is big enough not to get her head through a regular grid - but how do I know...
  7. danav

    Concerns about a bent-grid hay rack

    I wanted to comment on how to attach the bent-grid hayrack to the cage without having to cut off zip-ties every time you change the fleece... I used zip-ties to attach my bent-grid hayrack to a piece of coroplast, which is cut a few inches larger than the hayrack all the way around. Then I...
  8. danav

    Bending grid for Hay rack

    My grids are from BB&B, too, and I was able to bend them fairly easily - I put a 2x4 board across the grid, with the edge lined up with the middle of the grid. Then I stood on the board and pulled up the other side of the grid until it was bent far enough. The board held the grid securely so I...
  9. danav

    Anyone know where to get natural Fiddle Sticks?

    Oh, that stinks. Oh well! Guess I'll get the multi-colored ones instead. Thanks for the reply!
  10. danav

    Anyone know where to get natural Fiddle Sticks?

    I found a link here for natural Fiddle Sticks (not the Tropical multi-colored ones, but natural bark-covered ones) at bestpetsupply.com and ordered them. I just got an email today stating they are no longer able to get the natural ones, only the multi-colored ones. Does anyone know another...
  11. danav

    Baby-proofing idea

    Did this end up working well? Did you have any problems with the piggies chewing on the craft foam or it not being sturdy enough? I'm getting ready to baby-proof my cage because both of my sows are pregnant, and this looks like an easy way to do it and keep it looking pretty nice.
  12. danav

    Water buddy

    Well, I just ordered extra springs, diaphrams, and o-rings when I ordered my bottles because I happened to see them listed there, and it occurred to me that it might be a good idea to have them on hand just in case I needed to replace any of those parts in the future. As the bottles have been...
  13. danav

    Water buddy

    I just got mine yesterday (ordered from bunnyrabbit.com) and so far I'm really pleased. I had a couple of cheap water bottles in the cage for the first few days we had our piggies (to make due while waiting for the Water Buddy bottles to arrive). They seemed to have a lot of trouble getting...
  14. danav

    Grids Grids on the bottom of the cage or not?

    Thank you!
  15. danav

    Grids Grids on the bottom of the cage or not?

    I was just wondering if most of you feel the C&C cage is stable enough with grids only on the sides (with the coroplast being the only bottom of the cage, sitting directly on the table), or if it is better to go ahead and make a cage bottom with grids for the coroplast to sit on?