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  1. GusGusandOreo

    General The boys are here :)

    We put carpet on our ramp for traction, and poops just roll down off of it!
  2. GusGusandOreo

    General The boys are here :)

    Jealous of the ramp, that's exactly what I want for my piggies, hopefully my boyfriend can make one soon!
  3. GusGusandOreo

    Rescues Please Vote! Donating prize to rescue

    Voted! Good luck! :)
  4. GusGusandOreo

    Bonding amazed!!!!!

    How high is the bunk bed off of the ground? I'm curious as to how high guinea pigs can jump to get into one.
  5. GusGusandOreo

    Joy You know you're a "crazy cavy lady" when…

    So true, my boyfriend and I just bought a very big bag of hay online and we laugh at the pet stores who charge $10 for small bags!
  6. GusGusandOreo

    Joy You know you're a "crazy cavy lady" when…

    I thought of this the other day when I opened my psychology book (away from home, at college) and out rolled a guinea pig poop! I thought it was the cutest thing ever, although my roommate thought otherwise :)
  7. GusGusandOreo

    Behavior can't get my guinea pigs out of the cage!!

    I always clean my cage around my guinea pigs. We have a little dustpan and brush to clean the poops between fleece-changes. The piggies don't mind me in their cage at all. Mine also don't like to be picked up either. :(
  8. GusGusandOreo

    Popcorning So Cute!!!!

    That sounds completely normal! Mine do the same thing and I love it as well :)
  9. GusGusandOreo

    Behavior Pooping

    I have had multiple hamsters in the past and I think guinea pigs are MUCH more sociable and loving. Our hamsters are more "look but don't touch" pets in their cages, but the guinea pigs interact with us and are much more enjoyable!
  10. GusGusandOreo

    Photos Newest cage photos!

    This is our 5th version of our cage!
  11. GusGusandOreo

    Sounds I have a quiet Guinea Pig

    We have two guinea pig brothers. The dominant one never makes any noise, while the other one is very vocal. I'm not sure why this is, but they both still make very excited noises when their veggies arrive!
  12. GusGusandOreo

    General Poop.....

    That's just how guinea pigs are! My piggies poop a lot as well. They mostly poop where they eat or where they sleep. One thing I tried was putting a litter box near where they ate. It actually worked but a lot of poop still ends up on the fleece. I would say, if you're not already, clean it out...
  13. GusGusandOreo

    Photos Archie - I caved for THIS cavy

    Congrats! So cute :)
  14. GusGusandOreo

    General Why my guinea pig don't eat green pepper? Is she a guinea pig?

    Nope, parsley and cilantro are different. I wouldn't feed parsley daily because it is high in calcium. I give my piggies cilantro daily though! https://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/diet-nutrition/22156-read-me-cavy-nutrition-charts-poisonous-plants-list.html This link will give you...
  15. GusGusandOreo

    Photos This is what happens when I'm bored

    Cute!Very nice, those are amazing pictures!:)
  16. GusGusandOreo

    Photos Photos of Mr. Whistles

    I found some coroplast at lowes when I built my first c&c. They're in fairly large pieces, but would still need to be tapped together which I don't mind. I don't remember the specific area but you should find it with all the signs that say, "For Rent", "For Sale", "Beware of Dog", stuff like...
  17. GusGusandOreo

    General rescue

    I'm personally not sure. But, if it was me, I would contact some existing guinea pig rescues. I'm sure many of them would be glad to help and tell you how they started and what it takes. Good luck!
  18. GusGusandOreo

    Adopting Names?

    Guinea Pig Names Guinea Pig Names for Pairs These are just a couple of sites I found by looking up names when I was looking for names for my two babies. The pair names all seemed kinda silly to me but you may like one of them! Hope this helps!:)
  19. GusGusandOreo

    Frustrated I'm so annoyed! Please watch and report this vid!

    That's terrible. I hope I never have a daughter who behaves like that. Absolutely disgusting and so far from funny. There are too many animals out there who don't get the care and love they deserve!