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  1. MizzyMiz

    Dental Anxiety- Advice!

    Right now I don't have much of a choice, my jaw isn't done growing so I can't get an implant :/ Hopefully it'll be easier on a front tooth. Does the bridge pop in and out or stay permanently?
  2. MizzyMiz

    Dental Anxiety- Advice!

    So I have pretty bad anxiety going to dentists, and my dentists know me well for it. I take anxiety medicine before I go to a dentist, and when I'm there I almost always have the nitrous oxide gas. I never had problems until a couple years ago when I was kicked by a horse, and it knocked out my...
  3. MizzyMiz

    Need GP Icon, white

    I'm not too artistic, but this person on DeviantArt makes adorable g-pig icons, you could ask her :) http://lunatic-hao-chan.deviantart.com/
  4. MizzyMiz

    Piggy Drawings!

    Omygosh!!! I have a bunch of drawings, I just need to take pictures of them, I actually have a lot more rabbit drawings than cavy (just cause I'm better at them). Very nice thread idea, I'll be back later ;)
  5. MizzyMiz

    the best pet

    As much as I LOVE my piggies, I have to say horses, they are just such beautiful and intelligent animals. I don't even really think of them as pets, it feels weird calling a horse a pet for some reason. Aside from that I've always have a fondness for fish :love:
  6. MizzyMiz

    To This Day

    Yes! And the I love the art, it's so well animated and really adds to how powerful it is :)
  7. MizzyMiz

    To This Day

    I feel like I've been posting to much off topic stuff lately, but I absolutely HAD to share this video, it's amazing, and so well made :) To This Day Project - Shane Koyczan - YouTube
  8. MizzyMiz

    Oh my god...

    Have you seen the "Guinea-mobile" videos on YouTube? (I'm pretty sure that's the name :/)
  9. MizzyMiz

    Oh my god...

    lol, that's hilarious xD
  10. MizzyMiz

    Poetry/ Writing (contests?)

    R5 plus , that sounds really cool! I wish you the best of luck with your writing. And I know what you mean with just writing in spurts, I hate it when I'm writing something and I just have to stop and start writing something completely different xD mufasa , I was worried about that too, theres...
  11. MizzyMiz

    Keeping an eye on piggies!

    I haven't done it xD But it sounds like a cool idea, I think it would be fun to watch
  12. MizzyMiz

    Poetry/ Writing (contests?)

    Hey guys I started this thread for a few reasons, I've been looking for a good poetry or writing contests online and wanted to know if anyone knew of any? I've spend literally hours online trying to find one but when I do they are either already over, or have other problems. I'm also look for...
  13. MizzyMiz

    New pet in my house

    you guys are cracking me up xD
  14. MizzyMiz

    Autism Awareness!

    Beautiful poem, I love to write myself :) Autism isn't a big part of my life but I do know quiet a few people with it that I love dearly and despite it they're still able to do amazing things. My best friends brother has Aspergers and he's really into making stop animation with legos, and his...
  15. MizzyMiz

    New pet in my house

    oh...my..goodness ... that is too funny! xD
  16. MizzyMiz

    If you could be..

    I'd be a Self Lilac Silkie :3 (soooooo pretty) And I'd be very active but no too vocal .. and totally live with a few other pigs (cute thread idea ;) )
  17. MizzyMiz

    Happy Birthday Bubble & Squeak!

    Aww, congrats and happy birthday to them ;)
  18. MizzyMiz

    Internet... :/

    Lucky you live on a farm!!! :p But ya.. When you look up suburbia in the dictionary you see my house... so there's lots of fences, I've found some peoples roofs and sheds I can get up on, I climb on the schools outdoor water heater (that's surrounded by a 6ft fence) and the 12 ft baseball cage...
  19. MizzyMiz

    Internet... :/

    I always lose weight over the summer cause I'm always running around, climbing fences, and mucking my way through streams :D
  20. MizzyMiz

    Fun thread: what do you like about your job?

    I don't exactly have a job yet but I love my dad's :) He's a carpenter, always climbing on roofs, and I love the smell of the garage and the sawdust everywhere, and hanging out in there in the summer while he's working and listening the country music over the sound of the saw :) Though I...