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  1. widallas

    Cinnamon is famous!

    That is the kind of picture and story that motivates people to consider rescuing an animal.... Great picture!
  2. widallas

    uploading photos

    Do you have any kind of photo editing program? You may need to resize the image (1200 pixels is the max -- generally, if you go to resize, it will let you pick inches or pixels), and them save it as a jpeg (.jpg) file. The biggest problem I had was with re-sizing -- the images from my camera...
  3. widallas

    Some pictures

    How can you see colors like that and not be happy? Thanks for sharing....
  4. widallas

    An aged hamster...

    That is the cutest picture -- what a personality! I'm so sorry for your sadness -- it sounds like she has a wonderful and well-loved life with you, and I'm sure when it's her time that she'll be dearly missed.
  5. widallas

    Help me decide on a dog breed :)

    Greyhounds are such mellow dogs -- we have two seperate friends who have done fine with them as apartment dogs. (With any dog, it's a great excuse to go outside -- as long as they get normal, regular exercise, greyhounds are fine.) They can be great with kids, and adopting from rescues that...
  6. widallas

    It hurts and stings!

    I'm assuming you have a hairline fracture? My six year old had the same. Take the doctors advice and DON'T MOVE it. If it doesn't heal correctly, they sometimes have to re-break and cast it....now doesn't THAT sound like fun?!?! Enjoy your leisure time!
  7. widallas


    Well, Weasel, we can surely always count on you for an intersting post! Sorry to say I'm a mid-sized heterosexual cavy lover -- dreadfully mundane, I know, but it works for me!
  8. widallas


    I find it bizarre that some people will tolerate a 'normal' [read:heterosexual] relationship where the man beats the crap out of his wife regularly, but are appalled that two men (or women) could be together. Nice.
  9. widallas


    You know what I find funny? Go to any school's 10th or 15th reunion, and you'll find the same 'popular' kids still trying to out-maneuver each other and peck their way back to the top of their cliques. The so-called "freaks" have friends who genuinely like them, are comfortable with who they...
  10. widallas

    Canuck - controversial

    I think weasel has spent a little too much time sampling all those beers out there for reference...sorry, I meant 'beaverpoo.' How many types of animal scat are you going to associate yourself with, anyway?! Sabriel -- hope you like the honey beer. I like honey ales; that little bit of...
  11. widallas

    Eleven Hads

    It makes sense, but apparently even grammatically correct sentences can be AWFUL! (My poor head...)
  12. widallas

    Happy Birthday Teresa!

    Happy birthday! Isn't it great to see how much of an impact you've had, and on so many people? You must be doing something right!!! Thanks for doing so many great things, including this website....
  13. widallas

    just "adopted" two pigs

    It's awesome that you took this two in -- so many people would have walked on by. This is an awesome website; I'm sure you'll find all the info you'll need. Glad to hear that two little animals in need will be getting such a good home. Good luck with building the cage.
  14. widallas

    Happy Birthday Erin!

    Happy birthday, fellow Ohioan! (Is that even a word?!?!)
  15. widallas

    What's your real name?

    What an awesome name! I wanted to name my daughter that...but I have two sons, so no luck. I must admit I'm a better mom to boys -- the social dynamics of little girls scares me!
  16. widallas

    What's your real name?

    widallas = Laurene
  17. widallas

    I need some ideas

    Good luck with the forum, by the way!
  18. widallas

    I need some ideas

    How about Pet's Dreams (or Dreams) The place where animals find their forever homes
  19. widallas

    my piggie has died

    So sorry to hear about Twiggy.
  20. widallas

    Happy Birthday slap-maxwell!

    Happy belated birthday!!!