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  1. Susan9608


    Just want to remind everyone to be cautious when offering any advice that could be taken as medical advice. That includes suggesting specific medications to other people. Offering medical advice goes beyond the scope of this forum. No one should take any medication, prescription, over the...
  2. Susan9608

    People can be evil

    Gee, thanks. And thanks. :)
  3. Susan9608

    People can be evil

    Well, don't take this the wrong way, but I didn't really want to. I originally thought the kinder option would be the have the pig euthanized, which is what I told the vet. But I did tell him that if he wanted to try to save her, I would be willing to take her in. I guess there are only so...
  4. Susan9608

    People can be evil

    I have *never* been a believe in the "eye for an eye" mentality, but I'm coming around. What is a fine to people who do things like this? Or even a few weeks in prison? I honestly think sometimes people come out of prison worse than they went into it, having learned nothing and certainly...
  5. Susan9608

    People can be evil

    I haven't had any guinea pigs for a long, long time, and getting more wasn't something that had really crossed my mind. But yesterday, while I was at work, my vet called me and asked if I might consider taking in a special case for awhile. Apparently, someone dumped a pig at his office and...
  6. Susan9608

    Verify Breed of Piggy

    Does it matter to you what breed the pig is? I'm not sure why *you* care so much what breed the pig is unless you have showing or breeding concerns of your own. If, in fact, the original owner is a breeder or obtained this animal from a pet store and bred it, then I'd look else where for a pig...
  7. Susan9608

    Petstores that DONT sell animals

    Feeder fish count as animals, at least in my opinion.
  8. Susan9608

    Um...help the noob?

    It's time to take your pig to the vet. There's only so much diagnosis that can be given over the internet, and as your pig is too small for our typical, recommended treatment for mites, there's not much else we can offer you. Using a treatment designed for any other species of animal is not a...
  9. Susan9608

    Im going to get a guinea pig soon.

    Re: Im going to get a guinea pig soon................ Once again, I must remind everyone that if are under 18 or a minor, you are not to post your age or anything that would indicate your age on the forum. This is an absolute, iron clad rule. If you see people who have referred to their...
  10. Susan9608

    Help my piggie

    This whole site is dedicated to cages - take a look at the home page and you'll find the housing we recommend for guinea pigs. Then take some time to read the threads and stickies and you'll find most everything you need to know about caring/feeding your guinea pig. If you're just starting...
  11. Susan9608

    The G-Herd

    That's the only way to do it, really. I adopted our last cat that way. I just picked it up and brought it home; I knew once my husband saw it, he wouldn't be able to resist. And I was right. He took that kitten right out of my hands and kissed it on the head. Of course, then the shot me the...
  12. Susan9608

    The G-Herd

    They're all cute, but something about Bailey is the cutest to me. Maybe it's the coloring. Congrats on all your new additions. I don't know how you manage! :)
  13. Susan9608

    Hi I'm New Need Help Plz

    I don't understand. A carrier? Do you mean a carrier to transport them to and from places, like to and from the vet? Quick and temporary trips? Or do you mean a carrier as in their permanent residence? A carrier, as I understand a carrier to be, is not acceptable as a cage or permanent...
  14. Susan9608


    Please go see a vet ASAP - don't wait for any more advice over the internet. If you ever truly think your pet is having seizures than the correct answer is always go to the vet. At least CALL the vet if you can't get it and explain what's going on. The internet is too slow and too hard to...
  15. Susan9608

    Please HELP!

    You pig may never truly *like* to be touched and held. She may learn to tolerate it, but may never truly enjoy it. You may always have to chase her around the cage in order to pick her up, or you may be able to tame her enough to come up and let you pet her. You need to start very slowly -...
  16. Susan9608

    Question for Fur Care

    Hooray! A himi for Jenn. :):):):)
  17. Susan9608

    The mites are killing and I need a 2nd opinion

    You could clean the pig's wounds with saline solution, the kind made for contact lenses is fine. It's very gentle and won't kill of granulating (healing) tissue the way alcohol or betadine would. It would be good to keep her wounds clean so they don't get infected.
  18. Susan9608


    Please be careful that this doesn't turn into a discussion about the purposeful breeding of guinea pigs. If it does, the thread will be closed.
  19. Susan9608

    New owner

    Just a quickie - Animal rights and human rights are not mutually exclusive. You should not assume that people ardently posting in support of the rights of animals do not also post/support the rights of people in other, more appropriate venues. This is a cavy forum - an animal forum - so it...
  20. Susan9608

    ARGH! Attack of the flying guinea pig!

    Personally, if he's eating and drinking, pooping and peeing, and not acting like he's in any pain, I think you could wait till tomorrow to run to the vet.