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  1. T&P2005

    Comment by 'T&P2005' in media 'That's not what I meant by a Whopper!'

    Very creative picture....and an absolutely adorable LiL babe.
  2. T&P2005

    Ramps glue?

    With my ramp I cut a rubber bath mat. It had suction cups on the back and held very well. Underneath the ramp was coroplast, which was on a metal frame. On occasion the mats cups would pull up but it was very seldom. My babies loved running up and down their ramp which gave them good exercise...
  3. T&P2005

    Sick Scurvy? What to do...

    My vet told me to give my babies rose hips syrup with a dropper. I got it in a health food/wellness store that had all sort of vitamins. The babies loved it and it didn't seem to harm them in anyway.
  4. T&P2005

    Allergies Allergic to one but not the other?

    I have the same exact problem. My LiL Terrance whom recently passed was a short hair. I was able to hold him with very mild allergic reactions... however, when I hold my LiL Douggie, who is also a short hair, I break out in terrible hives where ever his body touches me. I usually wear a "guinea"...
  5. T&P2005

    Bonding Do you kiss your pigs?

    I kiss my LiL babes all the time, even though I'm allergic to them. I can't help it, they're way too adorable to resist.
  6. T&P2005

    Blog Terrance and Phillip

    RoxieJo you couldn't have said it any better....... Thank you.
  7. T&P2005

    Blog Terrance and Phillip

    Yes actually they were =)
  8. T&P2005

    Blog Terrance and Phillip

    So.... After being a member quite some time now, this is my first blog post. My babies Terrance and Phillip passed away on December 5th 2010. They passed with in 16 hours of each other. Phillip went first, then Terrance. I'm having a difficult time coping with the loss of my babies. It's been a...
  9. T&P2005

    General Any renters with pigs?

    I rented a condo a while back before I bought my house, and I wasn't even allowed to have any pets... But I didn't care. There was no way I was giving up my babies for anything. The land lord lived in another state and the condo was managed by a property mgmt agent who not once in 3 years came...
  10. T&P2005

    Loss Lone pig, need advice.

    I'm sorry dear, however I am unable to give any advice on the subject. It's very unfortunate and I can't even begin to imagine how difficult it must be. If you don't mind me asking... How did your LiL one pass? I guess all I can say is that when you're able to comfort her...do so. I just lost 2...
  11. T&P2005

    My first piggy passed today.

    Lots of hugs to you and your LiL one.
  12. T&P2005

    Loss Pigs passed away suddenly

    Catayn, I am sorry for your loss as well. It has been a rough couple days now. How old was you LiL babe? T&P were both 5 years old and passed away about 15 hours apart. I am going to take the advice from this post and get my other 2 babies checked out. Keep strong hun and E.J. , Douggie and I...
  13. T&P2005

    Loss Pigs passed away suddenly

    Thank you all again, all of the replies are very comforting during this difficult time. As for their diet, I always wash their fruits and veggies very well. However the only thing that did change was their hay. For the first time in 5 years I bought some ox-bow oat hay instead of their usual...
  14. T&P2005

    Bonding Bonding: She's a hard shell to crack...!

    Hello. I had a LiL boar that just recently passed away named Phillip. He was an adorable, sweet LiL baby. Your LiL babe kind of reminds me of him. He had skiddish behavior for the first two years I had him. He was caged with my LiL babe Terrance whom actually passed away the same day Phil did...
  15. T&P2005

    Loss Pigs passed away suddenly

    Thank you all for your kind words. They are very endearing during our difficult loss...
  16. T&P2005

    Loss Pigs passed away suddenly

    So, sadly, both Terrance and Phillip passed away. I have no clue why either. They were perfectly fine and their behaviors were completely normal the day before. They died on the 5th of December. My husband went to feed them before work on the night of the 4th. He said both of them greeted him at...
  17. T&P2005

    Terrance and Phillip

    Terrance and Phillip On 5 December 2010. Loving sons of Erin and Luke, brothers of EJ, Douggie (piggies) and Andy (puppy). Terrance and Phillip were very loving and adorable babies. They will be missed dearly. Mama and Daddy love you and will never forget all the loving moments we shared. We...
  18. T&P2005

    Comment by 'T&P2005' in media 'Update!'

    Actually theres a rubber grip on it.... and they do just fine going up and down it.
  19. T&P2005

    Comment by 'T&P2005' in media '2x3 cage, with a 1x3 loft.'

    I think my "little" terrance would get stuck haha.