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  1. SeeSpotSit

    Diet what veggies/fruit do you feed DAILY?

    My pigs always get green bell pepper in the morning and red or green lettuce at night. They also usually get a baby carrot each and some cilantro too. I give a slice of cucumber every few days and then mix in other veggies occasionally. But I gave them each a couple blueberries last week for...
  2. SeeSpotSit

    Joy Meet Bruce Wayne!

    Welcome to the forum! Bruce Wayne is adorable! :)
  3. SeeSpotSit

    Cavy Newbies

    Welcome to the forum!! Let's see some pictures! ;)
  4. SeeSpotSit

    Bedding Uhaul and other moving blankets, is there a difference?

    The U-haul brand blanket people use are different than a "blanket." Because it is pressed fibers, something about it makes it very absorbent (people say it dries well too...but I find mine wet in spots at every fleece change). I've also heard mattress pads work well too.
  5. SeeSpotSit

    Hay Husband is allergic to hay. What can I give my pigs?

    I would feed blue grass and a charcoal/hepa filter bedside the cage. KMS blue grass is super low dust. He doesn't touch the hay and before he holds them, wipe the pigs with a barely damp paper towel.
  6. SeeSpotSit

    Photo of the WHEEK! Contest: "CUTEST PIGGY LIPS"

    Ziggy lips and tongue!!! I love their little tongues :)
  7. SeeSpotSit

    What will your pigs be getting for the holidays?

    I just received my order from peeweesPiggyPalace in the mail :) 2 pig out pouches (with THE cutest guinea pig fabric!) and a rocket set of a tunnel, sack and fish bowl cave thing (that my piggies love!). That's their early present...yay!!
  8. SeeSpotSit

    I'm new to guinea pigs & not what you'd call "internet friendly" so bear with me!

    Re: I'm new to guinea pigs & not what you'd call "internet friendly" so bear with me! Ha! Carissa6729 I was going to say the same thing...my boys hate Bermuda grass ;) they love KMS bluegrass and the fresh orchard we get from a local feed store. I once bought them bagged hay, I think Timothy...
  9. SeeSpotSit

    What breed? Poll: What breeds do you have?

    Me either! And only a couple Texels...
  10. SeeSpotSit

    What breed? Poll: What breeds do you have?

    I have 2 Abby/Peruvian mixes and 1 Texel :)
  11. SeeSpotSit

    Why Do I Go to Craigslist Anymore?

    This makes me sad too! Why doesn't everyone believe in pets for life?? :( That's the same type of person who will abandon that "puppy" when they have children...why can't people keep their pets and treat them all with the same love forever?
  12. SeeSpotSit

    Liners Sewing machine recommendations?

    HA!! I *finally* just ordered the Brother cs6000i - the price has dropped to $135! Keeping my fingers crossed that I fall in the 700 5 stars reviews and not the 80 1 star reviews ;) I have 2 sets of liners and some extra pads cut and pinned and I'm ready to sew Tuesday night when I get the...
  13. SeeSpotSit

    What breed? My new piggy (#5....I think I have a problem!)

    Oh she is so pretty! I have 3 long haired boys (two of which could be her brothers) and we give two of them Mohawks using clippers. The other we just trim with scissors. I find the clippers to be easier and faster. Sometimes the scissors pull a bit and the slice noise seems to bother them...
  14. SeeSpotSit

    new Arabic member

    SO cute!! Welcome to the forum :)
  15. SeeSpotSit

    Sick Squeaking when pooping/peeing?

    Awe...poor guy :( Have you checked his anal sack area? Is it free from "stuff" My guy likes to hide all sorts of stuff back there. Haha. Are his poos breaking (a good way to know if they're harder) will he eat cucumber? It has a great amount of moisture, if you're worried about hydration...
  16. SeeSpotSit

    Cage Upgrading to a new cage

    Hey there!! Welcome to the forum. The search engine (top right corner) will help you find most of what you need. The safe cubes are made up of 9 squares (the 5 or 7 squares are too big and the piggies can get their head stuck). If you have a young pig then you should baby proof your C&C by...
  17. SeeSpotSit

    C&C Problem with C&C set up - Please help!

    Sounds like maybe you should have a 2x6 and then split the top for the boys. Adding a grid between the levels will help give you room to sweep and putting it on a stand would help even more. I've seen many people with fold down grid fronts that helps with the changing of fleece etc.
  18. SeeSpotSit

    Photos Curly after her first bath

    She is adorable!!!!
  19. SeeSpotSit

    Bonding UPDATE!!! Bonding Boars, Day 6- Trouble in Paradise?

    How old is Ziggy? You may need to wait until Teddy is past adolescence...Did you try a buddy bath?
  20. SeeSpotSit

    Puberty Stinky boar question

    I have 3 young boars...and that boar stink is NASTY. Some things I definitely recommend: 1. Get an air purifier, I've had one for about a month and it really does help. I searched for a not too expensive one with somewhat low db on high. 2. I usually change fleece cups/sacks/tunnels every...