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  1. LauraBean

    Fun time for the pups!

    Awww!!! Looks like those piggies are having such fun! I bet your Little Man is really good with them! It's amazing how much info those little boogers(meaning children!) soak up, isn't it? My son, who's two and a half, likes to help with the pigs too. He's constantly bringing me the little broom...
  2. LauraBean

    Hay rack or Hay box?

    I like to use hay boxes. I bought a couple of of plastic dish pans from Wal-Mart, put a little Carefresh in the bottom, topped that off with hay, and "Voila!" Instant haybox! The girls adore burrowing down into it when they're munching away. Another plus is that they "take care of business" in...
  3. LauraBean

    Stands Links for purchasing a good stand/table for cage?

    I agree with Lissie. Grids make the best stands. There are many options for grid stands. You can check out the galleries for ideas! I've also seen cages on top of large fold up tables, on the bottom bunk of bunk beds, on modified dressers, etc.
  4. LauraBean

    A good safe ladder

    I use a sort of "step" in my cage rather than a proper ramp. In a corner of the cage, halfway up the two wall grids, I ziptied a grid. I had someone cut another grid in half for me, then zip tied that halfie to the floor grid of the top level, and to the grid used for a step. Lastly, I cut...
  5. LauraBean

    Upper Levels "Upper Level" as "Lower Level"

    I'm actually thinking of doing this too, once I build my "dream cage" and adopt my piggies. My plan was a 2x5 on a stand built two cubes high. It would be very similar to this cage 2x5 cage on a stand - Guinea Pig Cage Photos, except I want to have grids lining the very bottom of the cage as...
  6. LauraBean

    Coroplast Is this a good price?

    But silver on black would look so nice! :D K-Mart has a huge set for $19.99. I don't know if it's only online or not, but it is black! http://www.kmart.com/shc/s/p_10151_10104_010W435219990001P?keyword=storage+cubes
  7. LauraBean

    Coroplast Is this a good price?

    They have grids at some Bed Bath and Beyond for $14.99. And they're silver! Silver matches everything! haha. Silver Stacking Modular Storage Cube Set (Set of 4) - Bed Bath & Beyond Some of their stores have them in stock too.
  8. LauraBean

    Coroplast Is this a good price?

    I'm right outside of High Point, and I've always had luck at the Mom and Pop sign shops. A lot of the time they'll have large scraps that they'll sell you very cheaply or even give you for free
  9. LauraBean

    Size Is It Large Enough?

    I once again got the urge to re-arrange the girls cage. Previously, I had a 5x6 with a 2x3 hayloft. I changed the cage, making it 3x7.75 with the same 2x3 loft. The only support for the loft inside the cage is arranged in the center so the girls can still run laps if they want to. This comes...
  10. LauraBean

    What makes the best hiding spots?

    I went to the Dollar General and bought several plastic dishpans. I then cut two holes in each,sanded them down so there aren't any sharp edges, and "VOILA!!!" instant piggy hideys ( and for only two dollars each!:)) My girls also love towel tents and bent grid tunnels
  11. LauraBean

    Litter Training Litter boxes?

    Maybe you could just use some sort of shallow pan? A big sheet cake pan or maybe a shallow dish pan comes to mind. That would be cheaper than a proper litter box and you could buy it anywhere!
  12. LauraBean

    Litter Training Need help Litter Training 2 guinea pigs

    I have no idea how to potty train a piggy. I've tried with mine. Countless methods! But to no avail! Most pigs seem to enjoy littering the cage with poopies! I think it's their way of redecorating! Good luck though! :D
  13. LauraBean

    Would This Work?

    The little footstools are where I got the idea. I just thought my pigs would prefer something a little more closed in. I want to try the towel tents in my loft one of these days:) The dishpanloos are a complete success! They were a little difficult to cut, but it was worth it! Deborah (the...
  14. LauraBean

    Would This Work?

    I have adopted more pigs, so I am in need of more hidey's! I have been using cardboard boxes with several holes cut in them, but I'd like something a little bit more permanant. I was thinking of getting a few plastic dishpans/buckets from the local Dollar General (I love any excuse to go to the...
  15. LauraBean

    Cage Cage Escape

    It's unlikely that he would climb out, but not impossible. I had a piggy once who constantly climbed out (Poor Harold Keller was a lethal, blind and deaf. I came home from work so many times to find him running around the living room in circles lol. Sadly..Harold passed away at age 2 in January...
  16. LauraBean

    Your opinion of hidey huts?

    I have several hideys.... I have bent grid tunnels, one plastic pigloo,and cardboard boxes with a few holes cut into them. My girls LOVE the boxes best (as do I..they are nearly free :D)
  17. LauraBean

    Size Question regarding space..

    I would build the C&C, and use it all the time. You could attatch the petstore cage to the C&C...a lot of people have done this, and keep food and hay in there (it's a kitchen :D )
  18. LauraBean

    What size in inches?

    I've never seen these, but they sound adorable!:D I use a cat food dish (one dollar at Wal Mart!!!) and it works well for us.
  19. LauraBean

    C&C Convince Mom to get a C&C Cage?

    Check out the pics of alternative cages in the galleries....... if your dad is a "handy man" like mine is :D he might have those items laying around in the garage. My daddy always had those shelving pieces some people use laying around. Definatly check yard sales and thrift shops too. I've...
  20. LauraBean

    C&C Convincing mom about C&C Cage.

    I built mine for around 35 bucks... it's 26 square feet for 4 girls. Look around for yard sales. That's where I found half of my cubes!lol Also, I DO have a coupon for $5 off Bed Bath and Beyond (If I can find it) I don't need it, and can mail it to you if you still need it!