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  1. LauraBean

    Behavior Can You Keep Two Neutered Males with Females?

    I've heard yes and no. Most people wouldn't recommend it, including myself. It's better to be safe than have injured piggies and a disrupted herd. But I remember someone here saying it was possible with an extremely large cage, and at least 3 females per neutered male. I imagine that more...
  2. LauraBean

    Adopting Change of Plans

    I have a two level 2x4. I was able to get away without using anything to support the top other than the sides, back, bottom, and lots and lots of zipties! :) So the bottom is entirely a 2x4, and the top is also entirely 2x4 (only subtracting ramp space!) The front of the bottom is closed by a...
  3. LauraBean

    Behavior A "Scent" From My Boars

    Anytime my two boars come into contact with something from my sows cage(like today when I was cleaning cages, I set the girls food dish in the boy cage while I was taking up blankets) they give off this weird smell. It's not pleasant, but it's not particularly offensive either. What is this...
  4. LauraBean

    Behavior Boar behaviors

    I understand what you're trying to ask. I have to say the way you worded your post was kind of silly though. As everyone else has said, with the mounting they're proving dominance. I see this even with my females from time to time. As for the, um, "mouth sexin" I'm not sure(i'm new to boars...
  5. LauraBean

    General Need Boar Advice

    I am adopting two boars Friday! I'm so excited! I think fate led me to these two. I've been hoping for awhile to adopt a boar, so everyday I surf my local Craigslist. Monday I go to check the pet section just like always, and what do I see?! An ad for two male guinea pigs that had just...
  6. LauraBean

    General Help please.Water bottle.

    I use the hair rubberbands that we women tie our hair back with. I just loop it through a grid and BAM! Instant water bottle holder:)
  7. LauraBean

    Aggression Are they mating?!

    Sounds like dominance behavior to me. My more dominant girls do the same thing to the other girls when they're in heat. Try doubling (sp?) or more everything. Two+ of the same toys, two+ food dishes, two+ water bottles, etc Like Akstrohm said.Don't seperate unless you see blood drawn. Make...
  8. LauraBean

    Quarantine Cutting Quarantine Just A Bit Short

    I have seven girls and three are still in quarantine. They came from two seperate homes and so are in quarantine in two seperate cages in two seperate rooms. Deborah's quarantine will be over Thursday, and Mocha and Latte's will be over Sunday. My plan was to introduce all 7 on Sunday. All 7...
  9. LauraBean

    General WHat should i name my baby girl??

    I think I like Penny too!!! It goes well with her reddish fur!:)
  10. LauraBean

    General WHat should i name my baby girl??

    How about Maggie? Her markings remind me of a piggy named Maggie I had years ago.:)
  11. LauraBean

    Behavior I've never seen her do this... is it normal?

    It sort of looks like she's having contractions.......
  12. LauraBean

    Introductions Introducing Three Groups of Girls

    I recently adopted three girls from two previous homes. Deborah arrived last Thursday, and Mocha and Latte got here Sunday. I already have four girls. I'm not sure of the best way to intruduce everyone. I was thinking it might be best to keep Deborah in quarantine for a few extra days, and...
  13. LauraBean

    Quarantine Adopting Three New Girls

    That's what I figured....although the quarantine is as much for the sake of my four current girls as for the new girls:) I just feel so terrible for the one pig......it's horrid that she's never had a proper friend. I'll just have to be sure to give her plenty of extra lap time Thanks for the...
  14. LauraBean

    Quarantine Adopting Three New Girls

    I am adopting three new girls this weekend from two different homes. The singleton girl is arriving tomorrow, and the two other girls are arriving on Sunday. Of course, all three girls will be in quarantine for three weeks. But I just feel so sorry for the singleton girl. She is approx. a year...
  15. LauraBean

    General Miniture guinea pig?

    I've never heard of a true miniature guinea pig. Like someone already said, they do vary in size, shape, and weight, just like people do. I heard a few years back something very like this. Someone was trying to sell so-called "mini guineas". It turned out that those people were selling degus...
  16. LauraBean

    General Cavy Grooming?

    I doubt you'd get too many customers.....like others have said, most people just groom them theirselves. It would be neat to have an "all around groomer" who had experience in guinea pigs. I had a "Shexel" once (she wasn't quite Sheltie, and not quite Texel :D) who had lots of thick fluffy...
  17. LauraBean

    Reference Other: Easy Tunnel Idea

    Tip Type Other Tip Title Easy Tunnel Idea Your Tip Today, I came up with a brilliant tunnel idea! I took two bent grids and ziptied them together length wise. Then, I covered them with a baby changing table sheet! VOILA! Instant guinea pig fun! Where did you get the idea? Myself Link to...
  18. LauraBean

    Books whats a good guinea book?

    I'm really only repeating what LY&Pigs said... there really aren't any good Guinea Pig books (unless she or some of the other mods decided to write one lol) This site, as well as Guinea Lynx(and in the past, Cavy Compendium. I don't think this site is in operation anymore), have given me some of...
  19. LauraBean

    Play My piggy just threw a toy at me

    Well, you shouldn't have been messing around with their "treasured" poop stash! HAHAHAHAHAH!lol This was too funny!
  20. LauraBean

    Reference Other: Bent grid covers

    I want to try this! Right now, I use a pillowcase, cut in half, and tucked under. Not pretty, but it does the joblol