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  1. GusGusandOreo

    Treats Timothy Hay blocks?

    Of course. They have unlimited hay. I just bought 25lbs of hay from KMS that should be here tomorrow!
  2. GusGusandOreo

    Treats Timothy Hay blocks?

    Thanks! I've actually never heard of hay cakes. I googled it and I think that I'll get some of those over they hay blocks I have now since they are Kaytee brand. Thanks again.
  3. GusGusandOreo

    Treats Timothy Hay blocks?

    Hello everybody, I was just curious if anyone else has given hay blocks to their piggies. I bought them when I first got my guinea pigs and then realized they had alfalfa hay in them as well. So, I stopped giving them to them until a few days ago, I gave them one just as a little gift and I...
  4. GusGusandOreo

    Hay KMS Order

    About to order our first shipment of the KMS hay! Excited :)
  5. GusGusandOreo

    Diet Yogurt

    Yogurt isn't safe for piggies because piggies are lactose intolerant and therefore shouldn't be given dairy!
  6. GusGusandOreo

    Water Is my piggy getting enough water?

    Any help would be appreciated :)
  7. GusGusandOreo

    Water Is my piggy getting enough water?

    Hello everybody. So, in the past I had posted about one of my piggies (Gus Gus) that seemed to have trouble using a water bottle. He doesn't seem like he licks the ball, but it's hard to say unless I separated them to find out for a day or something but I don't want to have to do that. I've had...
  8. GusGusandOreo

    Won't Eat HELP, piggie hates fresh veg/fruit and pellets

    I've really never figured out the whole cup thing either. But, when I first got my piggies, I followed these menu examples (link below). It will give you a general idea of how much of what you should be feeding them. I've never really had a problem with my piggies not consuming pellets or...
  9. GusGusandOreo

    Won't Eat HELP, piggie hates fresh veg/fruit and pellets

    Don't reduce their timothy hay. Pellets are the least important part of their diet. Hay should be the main part of their diet and should be offered in unlimited supply. Veggies are important too for vitamins and such. Remember the general rule is 1 cup of veggies, per pig, per day.
  10. GusGusandOreo

    Vegetables how to cut vege or make a vege platter for my milo and mocca

    Greetings from America! I left you a post on the other thread but here it is again. 1) Nope, parsley and cilantro are different. I wouldn't feed parsley daily because it is high in calcium. I give my piggies cilantro daily though...
  11. GusGusandOreo

    Hay Has anyone tried Kaytee Supreme Pellets?

    I wouldn't. I know the big debate about kaytee products is the use of ethoxyquin. I believe it is a preservative. Anyone correct me if I'm wrong. I'd suggest oxbow or KMS hayloft as it is what everyone recommends. Hope that helps!
  12. GusGusandOreo

    Diet GP chews Coroplast :(

    If he is actually consuming the plastic it is definitely not going to be good for him. I'm not sure how much or how often he has done this for but he may just be "giving it a taste test" and won't do it again. If you use fleece, I would just try taking the fleece and putting it over the...
  13. GusGusandOreo

    Vegetables Aphids on Lettuce

    I personally would say it is safe for your piggies. If everything in the inside looks healthy go for it. I know aphids aren't harmful to humans or pets just plants. Hope this helps :)
  14. GusGusandOreo

    Water Water Bottles

    I do indeed have two in their cage :)
  15. GusGusandOreo

    Water Water Bottles

    Hey everybody! I have two guinea pigs that I got about a month ago, GusGus and Oreo. When Oreo uses the water bottle, he sits there for a good 15-20 seconds licking away and you can hear the little ball moving. My other guinea pig, GusGus, drinks only for a few seconds and you don't hear near as...
  16. GusGusandOreo

    Nutrition Questions on veggies I'm feeding and amount!

    I'll give that a try. Thank you very much.
  17. GusGusandOreo

    Nutrition Questions on veggies I'm feeding and amount!

    Thanks. I'll give that a try. They are still getting accustomed to me. One of them sits motionless when I put him on my lap but starts to move around after a few minutes and the other one is more friendly. Any more advice is much appreciated!
  18. GusGusandOreo

    Nutrition Questions on veggies I'm feeding and amount!

    Hey everybody. I'm new to the forums and I just bought my guinea pigs a week ago Saturday! They are great and my girlfriend and I have already bought so much stuff for them. I've been doing a lot of reading, and learning a lot of different things. A few questions I have are: 1) I've been trying...