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  1. Mastershroom

    Ovarian Cysts Margaret's Medical Thread - Possible Ovarian Cysts

    That sounds exactly like what Cuddles, my Texel pig, was going through earlier this year. Vet confirmed it was ovarian cysts and spayed her.
  2. Mastershroom

    Ovarian Cysts Symptoms of ovarian cysts returning...AFTER spaying?

    This vet is basically THE vet for rodents and rabbits in northeast Ohio. In addition to spaying Cuddles, she's removed a huge cervical lymphadenitis abscess from Kwee's neck, and gotten rid of a benign tumor on our rabbit's back, and spayed her as well.
  3. Mastershroom

    Ovarian Cysts Symptoms of ovarian cysts returning...AFTER spaying?

    Hey everyone. To make a long story short, Cuddles, our texel pig, started losing fur and getting pretty aggressive with the other pigs, and her nipples got large and crusty, so we took her to our vet. Turns out she had ovarian cysts, so we had her spayed. Cuddles recovered from that pretty...
  4. Mastershroom

    Conditions Will she always be small?

    Five months is not full grown; she'll probably keep growing for another 4 to 7 months. Most of my adult pigs are in the 2 pound range, but my oldest and biggest got to almost 3 pounds, and my smallest is a little less than 2 pounds. As for alfalfa, you can feed her that for another month or...
  5. Mastershroom

    Stones Guinea pig has painful kidney stone.

    I had a very similar situation with Quee earlier this year. She was over 7 years old and started showing signs of pain while peeing. We took her to our very good rodent vet, who X-rayed Quee. She had a very nasty bladder stone, which the vet said she could do surgery to remove, but said it would...
  6. Mastershroom

    Sick Crusty/swollen nipples. Something to be concerned about? Or nothing?

    I just had Cuddles spayed a couple weeks ago for ovarian cysts. Her symptoms were very similar; her nipples were crusty and enlarged, as well as some other stuff like hair loss and sexual aggression with the other pigs. The surgery went smoothly, she got stitched up internally so she just had a...
  7. Mastershroom

    Lump Ball on my young cuy's neck

    I had two pigs with cervical lymphadenitis in a row, and it presented itself as a firm lump under the neck/chin just like that. Curly's ended up opening and draining on its own before we could get her in for surgery, and then Kwee developed the same lump a few days later. But hers got pretty...
  8. Mastershroom

    Neutering/Spaying Got Cuddles spayed last week, just have a couple of questions

    We put her back in with the other two yesterday, and everything seems to be going well. We didn't think about doing reintroductions, but I guess we lucked out. Kwee took a few rides on Cuddles at first, but they seem to have sorted it out by now. Cuddles is acting pretty much normal, running...
  9. Mastershroom

    Neutering/Spaying Got Cuddles spayed last week, just have a couple of questions

    Hey everyone. To make a long story short, Cuddles, our texel pig, has been losing hair for a while and being pretty promiscuous with the other pigs, and recently we noticed her nipples were pretty huge too. We took her to our usual exotics vet, and she determined that ovarian cysts were the...
  10. Mastershroom

    Hair Loss Cuddles fur thinning

    After watching her for a while tonight, I'm more convinced she might have ovarian cysts. She spent an awful lot of time trying to ride Quee around the cage, and her nips are definitely way puffier than any of the others'. I have a vet appointment for her for next Saturday.
  11. Mastershroom

    Hair Loss Cuddles fur thinning

    I haven't ruled anything out, I just didn't think they were likely. I do plan to take her to a vet this weekend to get checked out. I've still been around, just lurking more than posting. :p I never would have thought of oats, but I guess anything's worth a try. If the vet says it's nothing...
  12. Mastershroom

    Hair Loss Cuddles fur thinning

    Hey everyone...long story short, I've started to notice our texel pig, Cuddles, seems to be losing or thinning her fur around her midsection, around where her straighter white fur and curlier ginger fur meet. The photos I took don't quite do it justice, but you can see her skin clearly, and the...
  13. Mastershroom

    Not Eating Osteodystrophy or something else? Looking for some advice :(

    I can't tell you whether or not it's osteodystrophy, but your piggie does not look like a satin. Satins have very shiny, almost reflective coats.
  14. Mastershroom

    Injury Broken legs from jumping out of arms?

    Less than a foot should not cause any harm, especially jumping into a cage with soft bedding. I've had a pig run off the seat of the couch onto the carpet on a couple of occasions, about a 2 to 3 foot drop, and nothing happened. That said, be careful and make sure you have a good controlling...
  15. Mastershroom

    Lump Open Wound, Lump around

    Compared to other animals, guinea pig pus does seem like it "isn't normal". Kwee and Curly had abscesses last year, and the pus was more of a pasty consistency than the liquidy type we're used to. The vet mentioned that's just how it is after she performed surgery on Kwee's abscess (Curly's...
  16. Mastershroom

    Coughing I think Cuddles ate some packing tape, now she's coughing

    Normally I'd agree, but it's the noise she makes that worries me. You know that sort of hacking noise you make when you get popcorn lodged in your throat? That's kinda what she's doing.
  17. Mastershroom

    Coughing I think Cuddles ate some packing tape, now she's coughing

    I hope you're right. I'm mostly just worried about the tape causing blockage in her intestines or something, I assume that stuff doesn't digest easily.
  18. Mastershroom

    Coughing I think Cuddles ate some packing tape, now she's coughing

    This weekend, we moved into our new apartment and put together the new 2x8 cage. We secured the flaps with packing tape, but I accidentally taped one of them on the inside of the cage rather than the outside. Well, last night I caught Cuddles munching on that tape, and most of it was gone, about...
  19. Mastershroom

    Conditions Scab under chin?

    Looks exactly like Curly's chin after her cervical lymphadenitis abscess exploded. Definitely have a vet check it out. They'll probably just flush it, maybe stitch it up, and probably give your piggie some antibiotics for you to syringe-feed.
  20. Mastershroom

    Abscess Pinky now has the same abscess!

    Sounds like cervical lymphadenitis. I also had two pigs end up with a lump in the same spot. Curly developed it first, but we got lucky and hers ruptured and drained on its own. A few days after she healed up, we noticed a lump in the same spot on Kwee, but after a few more days, hers did not go...