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  1. NewToPiggies

    Once & For All!

    *giggle* Can I join your Mysterious Cult? Lol that is great post you did Jenn.
  2. NewToPiggies

    Look what's coming my way.

    I hope everything will be okay for you guys in FLA. My broth3er lives in Jacksonville so I am always worried about that kinda stuff. Ill be praying -D
  3. NewToPiggies


    Sunflower seeds are a great way to help. I have tried to quit 5 times now and failed but when I chew sunflower seeds when I get urges, I last longer without a cigarette hope this helps.And they are actualy good for you. As where gum and candy is fatning.
  4. NewToPiggies

    So Excited!

    That is so fabulous. I hope your new job works well for you and brighten someones day everyday =D
  5. NewToPiggies

    Veg*n A question for you vegetarians

    This is all very helpfull information guys. I really apreciate it alot. I asked because I seem to get sick alot with flu colds and sinus infections, So i was wandering if mabey it might be due to how I eat ect..
  6. NewToPiggies

    The Evolution of Dance (video)

    That was great. I think my generation started at the thriller giggle.
  7. NewToPiggies

    Veg*n A question for you vegetarians

    I was wandering if any of noticed your health being better, Not being sick as much and things like that? I am pondering becoming a vegetarian because I love alot of vegetables, And i wouldnt feel so bad eating anymore.
  8. NewToPiggies

    What are you afraid of?

    Im really scared of breathing underwater, I am also scared of spiders and mean dogs. And im really scared of bad drivers.
  9. NewToPiggies

    May not be around for awhile

    It will take you awhile to get back to a normal life. My mother lost her Mom a few years ago and she still gets teary on certain days like mothers day ect.. It took her a good month or so before she was back into her normal routine and not crying all day long. I find it helped when she thought...
  10. NewToPiggies

    a little late but hysterical

    That reminds me of my 3 brothers and sister lol
  11. NewToPiggies

    Meet my dogs!

    I can only guess how noisy your house is most of the time. Beautiful dogs and so good to see that you rescued.
  12. NewToPiggies

    Worlds Greatest Escape Artist

    Thats to funny. It amazes me how smart a simple little caterpillar is, Just think of how smart other animals and insects in the world truly are and how much we know nothing of it.
  13. NewToPiggies

    Wanted posters!

    Hehe i had to do it =D