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  1. NewToPiggies

    Resurrection - the what's your name thread.

    Im Candice hello!
  2. NewToPiggies

    New JUNE 06

    If you cant find them at walmart mabey try to order them from their website, They also do in store pick ups from ordering online for some of their stores. Hope this helps.
  3. NewToPiggies

    HI Im new

    I just love your Himalayan Piggie so gorgeous.
  4. NewToPiggies

    Morgana & Lynnette

    They have very shiny coats like mine. And they have some great coloring I just love the cinamon looking color and the red brown color is so beautiful.
  5. NewToPiggies

    hello i am a new piggie owner

    Yes , I bought Nibbler a pal this weekend , Unfortunatly i had no choice but to get one from a pet store. I havent been able to find any rescues here in North Idaho. I still am searching for my camera so i can get some pics of them.
  6. NewToPiggies

    hello i am a new piggie owner

    I just wanted to post and say hello , i got my very first piggie on sat and he is so sweet, We named him Nibbler cause he loves to nibble on our fingers hehe , i have been reading alot about piggies and stuff they need and dont need , i put him out for his first floor time last for about half...