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  1. 5 littlepiggies

    Connectors Gifting one lucky person.

    Ok, nevermind. No one is interested.
  2. 5 littlepiggies

    Connectors Gifting one lucky person.

    Ok, so I just read a thread with someone asking where they could find connectors. I emediatly though I have some. So I'm trying somthing new. I would like to gift someone who is new toc&c cages and needs conectors. I have a good sized bag with extras in it to pay it forward so to speek. I...
  3. 5 littlepiggies

    Cage Buying a c&c cage?

    +1 with traysea. The other place you can check for grids is sears or bed bath and beyond . Sears has a six cube set for 21.99 and bb&b has four for 19.99 plus two extra shelves that I used for bunk beds. It realy is up to you which way you go if it's only a bottom ur after go wth a coraplast...
  4. 5 littlepiggies

    C&C Maybe I'm not done designing my cage! Tubing!?!

    That is so cool what a great job. I'm impressed. It does give me some ideas for mybdaughters ferret.
  5. 5 littlepiggies

    C&C Cage change around - advice very much welcome!!

    Cute! Nice set up. I love all the fleece colors. Your silver and white piggy is georgious.
  6. 5 littlepiggies

    C&C Prims new cage

    nice and creative. I love it.
  7. 5 littlepiggies

    Grids sharing some information.

    Hey ya'll I see a lot of people here talking about grids and where they get them. I just wanted to share that Sears has a six cube set for all of 21.99 and all the grids are usable. Thats 23 grids and 26 connectors. I do not use the connectors so I have a lot of extras . Also for.coraplast I...