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  1. Mastershroom

    Play Licking?

    Kwee does this to me all the time. If I offer her a finger, she just goes to town licking it nonstop. I must be saltier than my girlfriend though, because Kwee never gives her so much as a second tasting.
  2. Mastershroom

    General Anyone in San Fernando Valley, CA?

    I removed it :)
  3. Mastershroom

    General I've Never Had a Pet Before, I Think It's Time.

    Come on, guys, don't argue semantics. I don't want to have to close a thread due to rudeness. ;) jesterfive, what people here are trying to get at is, when you buy an animal from Petco or any other store, you're supporting the breeding mill industry because the store will just replace those...
  4. Mastershroom

    Biting Bleeding Guinea Pig Bite Anything to Worry About?

    A little dab of rubbing alcohol to prevent infection, and slap a bandage on it. Even the bandage is arguably unnecessary if it's already stopped bleeding. Guinea pigs aren't exactly venomous and they don't typically carry any diseases you need to worry about. Unless she seriously savaged your...
  5. Mastershroom

    Biting Female Guinea Pig Biting Other Female Guinea Pig's Ear

    A couple of my pigs have little notches in their ears, presumably from one of the other pigs nibbling at it. I've never directly witnessed any of them doing it, but I know they didn't all start off with notched ears. Anyway, unless it gets to the point of blood being drawn, you probably don't...
  6. Mastershroom

    Behavior Strange Staring Guinea Pig

    Little Kwee gets the thousand-yard stare sometimes too. We tell ourselves she's having Vietnam flashbacks :)
  7. Mastershroom

    General Pellet bowls that won't tip?

    I have a slightly smaller version of that bowl. I've caught Kwee grabbing the rim with her teeth and flinging it with her head.
  8. Mastershroom

    General Wanting a 3rd Guinea, any help

    Maybe I just got lucky, but I've never had huge problems with introductions. I've had as many as 5 females at one time, and they all came from different places at different times and at different ages. Some intros took a little longer, but they ultimately all got along and shared a cage together.
  9. Mastershroom

    General 4-h for guinea pigs

    Because it puts the mother at a huge unnecessary risk, for one. One in five guinea pigs does not survive pregnancy or giving birth. And it brings more pigs into the world while shelters and rescues are crowded with them. It's a selfish thing to do. Keep in mind this site is owned and run by...
  10. Mastershroom

    Sad My piggies bid farewell. As do I

    If you have an issue with another user's posts, use the report button. Starting another thread to complain isn't the way to go about it. We do look at all reports.
  11. Mastershroom

    Behavior Is She Grooming Me?

    My Kwee does it too. If I offer her a finger, she'll just keep licking at it for several minutes at a time. She doesn't give my girlfriend so much as a second taste, though, so I assume I'm just saltier than she is. :p
  12. Mastershroom

    Behavior Olive "lost" her wheek?

    Curly, my teddy pig, doesn't wheek as much as she used to, but she sounds like she has to try really hard when she does. Kwee (short-hair) on the other hand, is still as loud and clear as my fire alarm.
  13. Mastershroom

    General What to do when a guinea pig is choking?( not happening right now dont worry)

    Kelly, my youngest pig, always does this when she eats. Like, no exaggeration, once or twice every time I feed them. But she doesn't seem to be in any real trouble; she breathes fine and the vet says she's in fine shape.
  14. Mastershroom

    Photos Kwee dressed up for the wrong holiday. Happy Thanksgiving!

    I assume she got it at Petsmart, since she also brought home pellets.
  15. Mastershroom

    Photos Kwee dressed up for the wrong holiday. Happy Thanksgiving!

    It's a month early, but my girlfriend came home from the store with this the other day. Little Kwee doesn't seem to appreciate it as much lol Since today is a holiday (if you're in the US anyway), I figured I'd post something in the holiday spirit, even if it is a different holiday. Happy...
  16. Mastershroom

    Behavior Spraying

    I have five females of varying ages sharing one cage...and I'm happy to say none of them have ever sprayed. I guess I'm lucky :p
  17. Mastershroom

    Behavior Do sows show dominance by mounting?

    I have five lady pigs, and they'll mount each other from time to time. None of them have ever sprayed, though. FWIW, they're all intact, and their ages range from 6 months to 7 years.
  18. Mastershroom

    General Do guinea pigs know their names?

    I think their names are more for our own purposes than theirs. At least, I've never seen any of my 5 pigs so much as glance at me when I call them by name. :p
  19. Mastershroom

    Behavior Why is he licking me?

    The most common theory I've heard is that they like the salt on your skin. Kwee likes to lick me, and Curly will lick sometimes, but usually she nibbles instead.
  20. Mastershroom

    General Where Did The Name Guinea Pig Come From?

    According to Wikipedia: "How the animals came to be called "pigs" is not clear. They are built somewhat like pigs, with large heads relative to their bodies, stout necks, and rounded rumps with no tail of any consequence; some of the sounds they emit are very similar to those made by pigs...