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  1. TwilightStar

    Guinea Pigs Will NOT stop eating the coroplast!!??

    ...Guinea pigs are not dogs, no need to make a noise (scare them) to discourage a behavior that is natural to them.Guinea pigs aren't really chewers and most do not use toys. Unlimited hay is sufficent for good teeth health. How big is their cage? Do they have hideys or tunnels? I like to...
  2. TwilightStar

    Cage Need help with a cage

    Did I say she had to rehome? No. I offered a suggestion. She didn't have to like it nor follow it. Sometimes rehoming is the best choice you can make for your animals.
  3. TwilightStar

    Cage Need help with a cage

    How isn't? If you have to make a struggle to make it work, maybe it's time to consider if you're the best home. You can try all you want, but if there's an emergency, who's going to pay the Vet bills? Can you have the pig suffer from sub standard care hoping that your parents will one day cave...
  4. TwilightStar

    Cage Need help with a cage

    Does your parents cover food/vet bills?
  5. TwilightStar

    Cage Need help with a cage

    Don't take this the wrong way,okay. But it seems like your parents do not really want you to have the guinea pig. A guinea pig truly NEEDS a friend and a large cage. What kind of diet does he have? Perhaps you should think about rehoming him to someone who's looking for a companion for their...
  6. TwilightStar

    Coroplast Is this right?

    If you are left with no other options, you can order it online I think.
  7. TwilightStar

    C&C New cage. What to add?

    Well, if you could find some grids (About 15 dollars a box, at bed bath and beyond) it will be really easy to expand, to at least give them a little more room. First, you will need some cardboard. Then, you will need a shower curtain. You can tape the shower curtain to the cardboard, and then...
  8. TwilightStar

    Is yarn ok for a toy?

    Which doesn't change the fact that if they ingest a long enough strand, blockage will occur.
  9. TwilightStar

    Grids Hutch grids

    I am not sure if you plan on keeping your guinea pigs outside or not, but since you bought a hutch I'll assume so. Outside is not appropriate for many reasons, and I'm not even going to go into detail about how people's pets have been stolen/killed by humans or animals. The temperature is not...
  10. TwilightStar

    Grids Hutch grids

    Do not use this hutch! It is completely unsafe. Grids are way to big to walk on, their feet can get stuck, it can cause sores, and they could fear walking around and stay in one place. This is a terrible environment for your guinea pig, do not put it in there. Instead, build a CC cage.
  11. TwilightStar

    I want to move my cage... Is my heater a problem?

    We've thought about that. We just like the cage being on the floor because it's easier for us to get them out. (Especially because we want to add our old 2x4 coroplast to our 2x5 section.) We wondered if putting a cloth over it would be sufficient or not.
  12. TwilightStar

    I feel that my cage is boring, any advice?

    Thanks a really cool idea! :) We'll try it out.
  13. TwilightStar

    I feel that my cage is boring, any advice?

    Um, we never mentioned a ball of any sort, and we have a grid hayrack and a grid hidey. My sister mentioned the hay rack in her original post.
  14. TwilightStar

    I feel that my cage is boring, any advice?

    We also have a sheet that we have clothes pined at the end of their cage. We have their pigloo and then the stuffed animals, and it creates a little nap area that's dark and covered. We'd like to, we're still working on new things for them.(They don't take to new things easily.) :)
  15. TwilightStar

    I feel that my cage is boring, any advice?

    That's the total per day for three pigs. :) (3 bowels)
  16. TwilightStar

    What's wrong with keeping guinea pigs outside?

    Well, most things have been said. But I also think that, personally, it's selfish to keep a animal outside all alone when it's pretty easy to bring it inside. I'm not sure if you have another guinea pig or not, but, the poor thing is probably so lonely being outside all the time. You have to...
  17. TwilightStar

    Cage I don't have room for and I can't afford a C&C cage. What is the best alternative?

    Re: I don't have room for and I can't afford a C&C cage. What is the best alternative There was a tip posted in the hot tip section of using cardboard like you would you use coroplast and a shower curtain over it. Though it was said that it was a ok temporary option, it's better than nothing...
  18. TwilightStar

    Size Upgrading...but is it enough room?

    I'm aware. That's why we're making the 2x5. Villie was always alone in quarantine.(In the petstore cage.) They've never been in it together. We've been waiting to upgrade the cage for when it was up. We finally got the new coroplast today. I was just wondering if we should make a loft in the...
  19. TwilightStar

    Size Upgrading...but is it enough room?

    We couldn't do that. I wouldn't trust some people in my family, they tend to not be the most observant people in the world. hehe Yeah, We didn't like the lofts because it made cleaning harder. We want a simple cage it's just I'm worried it's not enough space. We just have enough extra grids to...
  20. TwilightStar

    Size Upgrading...but is it enough room?

    We're upgrading soon to a 2x5 for our three guinea pigs. But after you put in the essentials, hideys,hay,food,water...is there a enough room for them to exercise? For the summer at least they get to play in the newly available hall way space, which equals a 3x7 space. We leave them in there...