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  1. SurfingPigs

    Grids Looking for 1/2 Inch Spacing Grids

    Isn't that exactly what our C&C grids are?
  2. SurfingPigs

    Grids Looking for 1/2 Inch Spacing Grids

    Plexiglass is transparant. And yes, we are probably as niche as the storage grid world gets. Even if every person registered on this site (currently 18,590 registered members) bought enough grids to build a 4x2, that would only be 223,080 grids, or approximately four of the standard small...
  3. SurfingPigs

    Amount of floor time?

    I wouldn't leave a pig unattended outdoors, even on your patio. Birds, larger predators, creepy crawlies, etc. all would have free access. Even with a secure cage top, various insects and weather changes pose enough potential hazards for me to risk it.
  4. SurfingPigs

    C&C Alternatives My new cage

    Talk about a sturdy and safe cage! Huge fan, great setup to keep your piggies from becoming the new cat toys.
  5. SurfingPigs

    Water Bottles

    If you are changing water daily you should have zero concern about chemical leeching into your pig's water. I don't use water bowls because they can be tipped over, stepped in, and pooped in. I have 4 pigs in one cage, so the likelihood of someone messing with a water bowl is quite high.
  6. SurfingPigs

    C&C Finally finished Harper's Kitchen, how's my cage?

    Ditto lissie... you need to babyproof so that his head doesn't get stuck in there. A pig with its head stuck can break its own neck very easily from panicing.
  7. SurfingPigs

    C&C Building a C&C cage need a little help

    There are links at the top of the page that say "Find Cubes" and "Find Coroplast", those would be good places to search. That said, I got my grids from Sears and the swap meet, and my coroplast from Fast Signs sign store. You can cut coroplast with anything that is sharp enough. I used an...
  8. SurfingPigs

    Size Room Organization Help

    A question: did you reintroduce them in a neutral space and clean their cage prior to putting everyone together, after Eddy Pig recovered? When I first had to separate a pig for an illness I didn't do reintroductions like typical introductions were to be done and the reintroduced pig got picked...
  9. SurfingPigs

    U haul pads

    Yes, they can be cut; they are just recycled denim.
  10. SurfingPigs

    U haul pads

    I double layer my Uhaul furniture pads in the cage. I throw the furniture pads down on an impermeable shower curtain and lay fleece on top of all of it if I need some area protected during floor time.
  11. SurfingPigs

    Coroplast L shaped C&C cage

    With a full 4'x8' sheet of coroplast you should be able to cut it such that you get a sheet big enough for your 2x4 and have enough left over for a 1x2 box.
  12. SurfingPigs

    Upper Levels Support for the top level

    I've never gone 3-wide for an upper level, hopefully others can help you out. With a 2-wide I used an abundance of zip ties and it was plenty sturdy.
  13. SurfingPigs

    Upper Levels Support for the top level

    https://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/about-cages/69899-supporting-wide-upper-level.html 4th thread down on the home page of the forum.
  14. SurfingPigs

    Ramps Has anyone bought from the cage store?

    I made this ramp in the past, and it doesn't use up any floor space. In fact, I've made multiple overhangs like the bottom level of the ramp throughout the cage now for them to hide under. https://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/accessories/63636-ramp-doesnt-take-away-floor-space.html
  15. SurfingPigs

    Ramps Has anyone bought from the cage store?

    I agree with lissie, wider ramps are better. My pigs bickered for the longest time over their second level until I widened the ramp; now, if one pig wants down while another wants up they can avoid each other and go about their merry ways.
  16. SurfingPigs

    Piggy's playtime!

    My pigs want to come over and play.
  17. SurfingPigs

    Toys for a picky pig

    Number 1 in my house. I also fill one of those plastic cat balls that I put pellets in. The pigs love to nose them around the cage and eat the pellets as they fall out of the holes.
  18. SurfingPigs

    Size Cage for 6

    If you have a bunch of extra grids, you could overlap (as some do for 'babyproofing') and could still use the grids you have.
  19. SurfingPigs

    Ramps Jumping down ramp safe?

    When I had a ramp, the lowest part was 7" off the floor and all four of my pigs navigated it just fine. Unless you have senior/arthritic pigs, or pigs with some other leg/bone issue, I wouldn't be worried. Young pigs aren't fine china... they can jump around just fine.
  20. SurfingPigs

    Size Cage for 6

    4x6 is plenty of space... I would bet you will have some really happy pigs in there.