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  1. luvmyboyz

    Training your piggy to "Go in a circle!"

    I don`t expect my guys to do tricks for treats or food. I don`t have to, why should they? I love to see the way they act naturally when they see the food coming, to me thats much nicer then training them.
  2. luvmyboyz

    My guinea pig an American Idol fan!!!

    My Husband gets upset when someone says," Guinea pigs aren`t very smart." Cause these guys surprize us everyday. Oreo loooves when my Husband does shawdow puppets on the wall. His little head follows any where they move.
  3. luvmyboyz

    My guinea pig an American Idol fan!!!

    Our Chuckie used to love the show, The singing bee. When the show is on he`ll turn to watch it but when the commercials come on he turns away, once the show comes back on he turns back to look at the T.V. It`s so cute. Sadly it hasn`t been on for awhile.
  4. luvmyboyz

    sweet Piggie personality thing

    Aww, that is sweet.
  5. luvmyboyz

    Thinking of Dexter

    When I would give Mikie his meds. I always had lettuce or carrots waiting as a treat. What was funny is he ended up loving that Mommy and me time, so even after he was out of meds. and not sick anymore, we still had to put the towel on the table and I would have to give him droppers of water. He...
  6. luvmyboyz

    Thinking of Dexter

    Yay, Dexter. Keep getting better.
  7. luvmyboyz

    Thinking of Dexter

    I sure hope Dexter gets better. I had a run in with a not to swift Vet. also. It was an emergency Vet. just outside of Chgo. that helped my guy too.
  8. luvmyboyz

    My guinea pig licks me A LOT!

    My Oreo is a kisser.
  9. luvmyboyz

    Where do you keep your piggies?

    My two guys are in the dining room. They have the entire room. They like it there because unless we are all asleep, they always have company.
  10. luvmyboyz

    Bath in the winter...would it be a good idea or not?

    Yes you gave a warning, but no big enough, I almost screamed . Way to cute the look on his face is priceless.
  11. luvmyboyz

    Nail clipping

    I can not say this enough Vet, Vet, Vet. I never want to accidently cut the quick or hurt them.
  12. luvmyboyz

    The perfect piggie.

    I agree the piggies I have now, and my two babies that passed away, have always been my perfect piggies.
  13. luvmyboyz

    New Pig!

    Very cute, it`s sad people worry about the color of eyes instead of seeing the beauty in all the Piggies, thanks to you Oreo has a new home.
  14. luvmyboyz

    Update:Adopted a new guinea pig

    I love him, he`s to cute.
  15. luvmyboyz

    Moo and blaze in costume!

    Very cute.
  16. luvmyboyz

    Ticklish Pig?

    My Oreo does laugh, well sorta. My husband says you can see it and almost hear it. On Oreos right side just above his hip, he loves it and gets all goosy, then he`ll ran around and popcorn.
  17. luvmyboyz

    Festive Photos

    They are such cute pictures, wonder if my guys would sit still that long.
  18. luvmyboyz

    My foster pig gave birth this afternoon!

    Congrats on being a new mommy of a mommy and three sweet angels.
  19. luvmyboyz

    I'm back!

    Really cute.
  20. luvmyboyz

    Chicago-area Piggie Specialist?

    I live in Chgo. and there is a place on the 3200 block of N. Kedzie called Animal Ark. They seem the best and most caring I have found. I don`t have the phone number handy right now but I can get it if you want it. Let me know.