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  1. Terekins

    Veg*n Vegan cheese, butter, creamcheese.

    There is another brand of margarine here that doesn't contain any animal products, it's made by Becel, ( Celebrity maybe?). Most margarines only contain trace amounts of dairy--here anyway. I really like the Toffuti cream cheese! As far as a cheddar or mozerrella-like cheese, I haven't found...
  2. Terekins

    I'm proposing in two weeks

    I was just going to say that! That is SO sweet. I can't wait to hear about how it goes. I'm a hopeless romantic, and unfortunately my boyfriend...is not. He's more of the practical type :) Congratulations!
  3. Terekins

    Veg*n Animal Testing....

    The Body Shop still stands by its stance that it is cruelty free. I like Lush too, but can't afford it on a regular basis. As with Burts Bees, I usually will ask for these products as xmas gifts. A nice supply will last me most of the year :) As for less expensive stuff, here in Canada Lawtons'...
  4. Terekins

    Veg*n Animal Testing....

    I can't even read that, it will just upset me. I try to get products that aren't tested on animals too, and for the most part it isn't too difficult (getting into dish detergent and things like that I find a bit trickier). It bothers me to know that any animal has to go through torture, but...
  5. Terekins

    Preaching to the choir (I hope) - Turtles

    Re: Preaching to the choir (I hope) I thought you were actually posting about singing in a choir, silly me :) Turtles are beautiful animals, and you're right, they're difficult to care for. I've always wondered how many people who own exotic animals (I had a friend who had scorpions for...
  6. Terekins

    Veg*n Vegetarian Children & Pets

    Cori Dora, I'm so glad to hear that there are a lot of vegetarians in Ontario! I currently live in Halifax, but am hoping to attend Queens University for grad school, which is in Kingston On. Although there are 2 vegetarian restaurants in Halifax, and I can find most of everything I need at the...
  7. Terekins

    Veg*n Replacement

    Yeah, I usually buy them canned too, and just throw them in--so easy :)
  8. Terekins

    Veg*n Vegetarian Children & Pets

    Ha! Ridiculous. If they're cracking down on parents contributing to the poor health of their child through the diet they feed them, they should look at the people who's kids are so fat they're suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure. Overfeeding/feeding crap, in my opinion, is child abuse.
  9. Terekins

    Veg*n Replacement

    I thought you meant in terms of nutrition. In that case, beans are really good to eat (for anyone, regardless of whether or not you're a vegetarian) since they offer so much nutritionally. I've made recipes with pasta that included beans (like pasta sauce with tomatoes, mushroom and peppers with...
  10. Terekins

    Ugly Saturday: Talk to Friends & Kids

    That's terrible. I feel so bad for their families. Thanks for posting this.
  11. Terekins

    Veg*n Wine and Beer not Vegetarian/Vegan

    I've heard this too, I'm not sure if it's all beers and wines or just some. I don't drink a whole lot anyway (really don't like beer!), so I hadn't really done much research on it. It's remarkable how many things do contain animal products, eh?
  12. Terekins

    Veg*n Matchsticks

    I saw a very disturbing segment on that How It's Made show, about egg production. The way the poor little chicks were literally thrown around and down shoots and through conveyor belts repeatedly, the way they were chucked around like pieces of fluff...I couldn't believe they would even show it...
  13. Terekins

    Please Pray For My Nephew

    I'm sending positive thoughts. He sounds like a lucky little guy :) Tere
  14. Terekins

    Veg*n Vegetarians, I need help

    Awesome!! I just realized you're the same person who has been looking after the animals at that store, too. You know, I bet you'll start to feel really good about what you're doing, and willpower won't even be an issue. In moments of weakness many people will remember a particular detail they...
  15. Terekins

    Veg*n Vegetarians, I need help

    Hi, I decided to become a vegetarian for similar reasons as you, and I also faced similar challenges. I knew that it made sense to give up meat, I knew it was part of who I wanted to be (if you know what I mean), but my boyfriend was always completely against the idea. We live together, and at...
  16. Terekins

    Veg*n Trying to go vegan

    Thanks Sweetjay! We are really lacking in vegan products around here, particularly cheese. I've been making "cheesy" sauces with nutritional yeast flakes, and I don't mind Tofutti vegan cream cheese, but haven't found anything that resembles cheddar. I'll look for Vegan Gourmet. I also haven't...
  17. Terekins

    Olivia Choked

    I thought Olivia was a guinea pig too :) O my god that must have been scary--I mean it would have been scary if it were a guinea pig, but your little sister, wow. I was so impressed at the good service at your vets when you said they had paramedics and nurses waiting and everything! I'm so glad...
  18. Terekins

    Veg*n Trying to go vegan

    Besides these foods that have small amounts of animal products, are you already vegan? This where I'm sort of stuck. I don't buy animal products like meat, milk or eggs, but I know I'm consuming them if I occasionally buy a muffin or cookie, or when I eat out and I know butter could have been...
  19. Terekins

    Veg*n Questions and concerns

    Hi, Have you ever had your iron levels checked through bloodwork? I wondered for a while if I was anemic, but my iron levels turned out fine; I've figured out that I have a blood sugar problem, and this is what is causing weakness and dizziness. I think I've always been prone to low blood sugar...
  20. Terekins

    Hokie Hope (about Virginia Tech)

    Oh I see. I'll do that then :) Thanks