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  1. G_Piggler

    Bedding ZorbII as an alternative to fleece

    I sure do and I like it! On my largest 3x2 area, I clip one layer of ZORBII (that's II, it's already sandwiched between a soft wicking fabric) under one layer of fleece. Honestly, in 6 months my girls have left only about 5 spots down on this level since they mainly wee up in their kitchen...
  2. G_Piggler

    Fleece how often does you carefresh last?

    I have 2" of carefresh in my 2x1 kitchen, and I've had Gpiggies for just a few weeks. My girls seem to only PP in the kitchen now, and still poop everywhere. With the carefresh, you can easily recognize the soiled areas (most Gpigs end up favoring one corner- mine have already,) so I just...