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  1. merrycat

    Behavior Sitting in his pee

    Blaze is almost 6 years old now, and he's really slowing down. Since his brother passed away he's gotten even more slow. He likes to sit in his litterbox or his hidey and just nap there, marinating in his own pee. Every time I pick him up now his underside is wet with urine. Is there anything...
  2. merrycat

    Introductions Can a male be introduced to other males after he's bred?

    That's what I thought too, but Bob is convinced that males can't be together if they've ever been with a female. Of course, I kind of doubt his sources, since he didn't see anything wrong with getting pet store animals even with all the "extensive research" he did.
  3. merrycat

    Introductions Can a male be introduced to other males after he's bred?

    Not for me, but for an acquaintance of mine, "Bob". He got a trio of what he thought were girls but, long story short, one of them is male. The boy has been separated and the girls are on pregnancy watch. Hopefully we pulled them in time. The girls have each other, but the boy is pretty lonely...
  4. merrycat

    General Using Cavy Poop to Fertlize Plants?

    Thanks for the feedback, everyone, I really appreciate it :) The link was especially helpful. I had thought that composting was too long and complicated a process to manage in an apartment but, based on the links, I should be able to do it out on our balcony using a plastic tub to compost it in...
  5. merrycat

    General Using Cavy Poop to Fertlize Plants?

    Since our experiment in foraging for grass ended in a flea infestation, I'm trying to grow grass and other yummy treats indoors instead. Obviously, as plants grow, they use up the nutrients in the soil. But using fertilizers on stuff the boys are going to eat worries me. Can piggy poo be used...
  6. merrycat

    Behavior Question about guinea pigs spreading hay all over

    We have an empty kitty litter box under the hay rack but, while it remains mostly empty, the rest of the cage is still covered in hay. I'm not sure why, but my boys just like having hay underfoot, it seems. I just roll with it, and do more frequent cleanings of the soiled hay.
  7. merrycat

    Photos Grooming Day Pgtures!

    Thanks guys, I think they're pretty handsome myself :) I prefer them with the short hair too - especially Blaze. I like being able to see his eyes. If he'd cooperate I'd never let his hair grow out LOL. Ellisa, I really hope that these boys outgrow the wiggle stage. I'm so afraid that I'll cut...
  8. merrycat

    Photos Grooming Day Pgtures!

    I don't think I've ever posted pigtures here, so I figure it's about time. Yesterday I gave my boys their haircut, as well as a butt soak to clean off the crusted on poo. I swear, the boys must roll in their poo or something the way it gets in their hair. I have to trim it back every month or so...
  9. merrycat

    General Cleaning a Tiny Cage And a Question About Their New Cage

    We've had a slight hitch in our plans to move and the boys and I have been caught with no cage and no room for one for the next couple of days. I've made them a temporary shelter out of a large rubbermaid bin, roughly the size of a 2x2. I know it's waaaay small, but it's only for a couple of...
  10. merrycat

    Bonding Should I be forcing cuddle time

    Could you try herding her into a shoe box with holes cut into the side? Once she's in there, you could move the box to your lap and feed her veggies right in the box. I find that my boys feel safer - and calmer - if they've got walls around them. You can take the top off to stroke her a little...
  11. merrycat

    General Change In Smell?

    So, anyone else out there smell their guinea pigs? I regularly sniff mine when I pick them up or kiss them- wierd, I know. Anyway, lately my boys' scent has changed pretty drastically. They still smell like hay and fur and guineapigishness, but now there's a sort of floral scent over it, almost...
  12. merrycat

    Fur Tangled, Matted Fur

    So, I'm officially persona non grata now. Neither of the boys wants anything to do with me, even with carrots for a bribe :sad: But I have managed to to cut huge chunks of poop-encrusted fur off of Blaze, so that's good, anyway. He had kind of red-ish skin under where I cut the fur off, so I'm...
  13. merrycat

    Bonding He's letting me pet him

    Congrats! I am so jealous of you! My boys will let me pet them once they're on my lap, but they've never come to greet me at the edge of the cage. It's so nice when they start coming around and trusting us :love:
  14. merrycat

    Photos Cute Pigture

    He's so cute! I just totally want to steal him :love:
  15. merrycat

    Fur Tangled, Matted Fur

    Thanks for the feedback, I'll try trimming it tomorrow. Blaze bucks and kicks like a wild horse when I touch his fur, especially in the back. But the comb and scissors method should help. So far I've been kind of in the honeymoon period with them, if you know what I mean. Only doing pleasant...
  16. merrycat

    Fur Tangled, Matted Fur

    Both my boys, but especially Blaze who is an Abysinian with longish hair, have kind of tangled, matted fur on their rumps and around their behind. It's gotten pretty bad because they hate being brushed or even having their tangles touched. Blaze always screams like I'm killing him. Jet rumbles...
  17. merrycat

    Allergies Guinea Pig(s) making an "Ack" Sound

    Blaze does this all the time when he's eating his favorite foods, and at no other time. I've found that shredding it and hand feeding him one piece at a time helps. Yesterday though, a piece went down the wrong way and he coughed a lot - like maybe thirty straight seconds. Would patting him on...
  18. merrycat

    Behavior Fatal Attraction

    We need a prefix for "Funny", because I wanted to share something kind of hilarious. One of my boys, Blaze, has fallen head over whiskers in love. With a lady. I can see why - she's slim, sleek, with glossy mahogany fur, long arching whiskers, and eyes like twin moons. And she loves him too -...
  19. merrycat

    Bonding Do you kiss your pigs?

    My boys are scared of kisses and kissing noises, so no :( But my girls used to love head kisses when they were alive. Hopefully, one of these days, the boys will come around and see that I'm not so bad after all.
  20. merrycat

    Bonding New Mommy in need of bonding advice

    What I find helps is to just sit by the cage so they can get used to your presence. You could talk quietly to them, or you could just sit there while you watch TV. I like to curl up by their cage with a book, and every once in a while I'll read out a page or two to them. You could also try...