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  1. Terekins

    New (guinea pics inside)

    :) She sounds like such a great pig (and a great friend!). Her name suits her too.
  2. Terekins

    Hello everyone!

    How did you do that? I'd love to grow an indoor garden/playground for them, but their cage is already taking up about 1/5 of the apartment :)
  3. Terekins

    Hello everyone!

    Aw their really sweet, and what nice photos. It's so nice that you can let them outside like that!
  4. Terekins

    Hi nice to meet you!!

    Welcome to the forum :)
  5. Terekins

    I've got a furry new little buddy!!

    He's super cute.
  6. Terekins

    Hello all!

    I was surprised at how easy it was to find cage materials. The grids, like heather said, can be found at Walmart, but also at large grocery stores, home decorating stores, building supply stores and office supply stores like Staples. I got my coroplast at an art supply store. Welcome to the forum!
  7. Terekins

    New guy and cavy

    Welcome to the forum! You should consider getting a scale to weigh Chester, particularly if you suspect he may be sick or are just unsure. Any loss of weight should be taken seriously, according to what I've read here. As for sneezing though, like Tulia said, they do sneeze every once in a...
  8. Terekins

    Newbee !!

    Hi Toni, nice to meet you and welcome to the forum! I'm sure you'll learn a lot here, there's so much information, and it's a great place to get feedback and answers to questions. I have five pigs myself, four lady pigs and one neutered male. Take care,
  9. Terekins

    Meet Dexie

    I love his bangs!! What a hard situation to be in. You'd have to be extremely tough-hearted to take him back to the store, not knowing who he'd end up with. My boyfriend bought me Sherman at christmas time, and at the time I had no idea about the importance of rescuing, or even that guinea pigs...
  10. Terekins

    Hi to all here

    Animals also freeze to death on a regular basis on farms where they're kept outside. Just because things are done does not mean they're right. Guinea pigs are not from the UK, they're from south america, and regardless, they have been domesticated and have become dependent on such "luxuries" as...
  11. Terekins

    Say hello to lady!

    Just wanted to let you know that yogurt treats are actually not good for guinea pigs :( I used to give them to my pigs, assuming they were ok because they were marketed for them, but guinea pigs cannot have dairy. Now I have all these bags of treats with no one to give them to! You really have...
  12. Terekins

    Hi people!!

    Welcome to the forum, it's great that you've built a c&c cage, and that you're getting Patches a friend. A 2x4 is a great size for two pigs. Take care, Tere
  13. Terekins

    Say hello to lady!

    She's really pretty :) What kind of cage do you have planned? I'm sure you can find lots of ideas here. Welcome to the forum!
  14. Terekins

    Fiver and Harley say hello!

    It sounds like you're doing great with these guys! It's so nice that Fiver was in bed with you when you woke up :) do they have free range of the house? Take care,
  15. Terekins

    Im New Here :s Please Help!

    They're both really pretty. Are they both females? I'm glad you decided to adopt, I'm sure they're much happier now that they're with you. Have you checked out the photo gallery to get ideas for a cool c&c cage? Making your own cage is so much fun, you can design it however you want and make it...
  16. Terekins

    New Pig Owner=D Welcome Coco & Melon!!

    Wow, they're both beautiful :)
  17. Terekins

    Howdy, Everybody

    Wow, he's really cute. I'm glad you were able to adopt him, he'll surely live a happy life with you and the other pets. I have an affinity for rock doves (pigeons) :) They're such calm animals.
  18. Terekins

    New Abyssinian Owner Here

    Welcome to the forum. I have an Abyssinian named Sherman. She's white with chocolate brown patches. She's very active, very inquisitive, and much more vocal than her short haired roommate. I'm sure Cinnamon will come around, and I agree that another pig as a companion is a very good idea. They...
  19. Terekins

    Miss Little Piggy

    Jenah, pretty much any hardware store will carry them. I tried Walmart first but they don't have them (not here anyway). You can buy some pieces that connect, but you can also just use a couple of pieces of electrical tape to keep pieces together. It's easily removable and reusable, so I make a...
  20. Terekins

    Miss Little Piggy

    She's very pretty. I couldn't see her nails, but I'm sure there are photos on here or somewhere on line of healthy nails you can use to compare. Here is some info that may be useful on nail trimming: http://www.guinealynx.info/nails.html I haven't done this myself yet, but I have a vet visit...