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  1. nismosmama

    What do you cavies actually PLAY with?

    They play with poop....haha! But really, my pigs usually play with each other, they follow each other around, nudge each other in the hiney, hehe. I've put toys in there for them like balls, and wooden toys, and hay balls, etc, but they hardly touch them. Mostly they just push stuff out of...
  2. nismosmama

    Need connectors?

    Connectors taken :)
  3. nismosmama

    Need connectors?

    I hope it's ok to post this here: I have 34 black cube connectors that I never used, and they are just sitting in a drawer collecting dust. I'd love to give them to someone that could use them. I would just ask for shipping costs, I'm thinking like 5-6 dollars. If interested I would say the...
  4. nismosmama


    Haha! Yea my fatboy Momo would probably look at it and be like "um am I supposed to sleep in that thing?"
  5. nismosmama

    zip tie question

    My entire pigs cage is ONLY zipties, and its super sturdy. if you just have one row of grids, of course it will seem wobly, but once you attach all sides together, and put zipties at all ends, you will see that its very sturdy. I hated the connectors, they really did me no good.
  6. nismosmama

    Mesh Grids

    Well I actually want them to make a CC Cage for my Hamster, because the regular grids are way to big and she can slip through the holes. I'll look around the websites and hopefully have some luck :)
  7. nismosmama

    Mesh Grids

    Does anyone know where I can find any?? I have looked at Target and Walmart and nothing.
  8. nismosmama

    How long do CC cages last?

    Are they supposed to last for years or does anyone remake their coroplast base every so often? I clean my coroplast with vinegar and water when I change the pigs cage, but some poopy and stuff still stains the bottom and is very hard to take off. Doesn't seem like a problem, but just wondering...
  9. nismosmama

    Can you buy just connectors?

    I also have a TON at home, a bagful that will never be used. If anyone needs any, send me a pm, the only thing I would ask for is the cost of shipping, which I would guess would be no more than a couple bucks, but if I get a few requests that could add up ya know?
  10. nismosmama

    Dollar Tree Jackpot!

    Yea definitely, I went to the Dollar tree last month and really ddin't find anything I could use for my piggies, I usually end up finding stuff at Walmart nextdoor instead
  11. nismosmama

    The Latest Cage - Pictures included

    That looks awsome! I just put a base on my piggers cage this past weekend also for storage, so very helpful. I love your idea about the front door though, I may have to 'steal' it :D
  12. nismosmama

    I made my first cage!

    Looks great, and oh so comfy!
  13. nismosmama

    Grids on sale @Target $12

    I just bought some a couple of days ago for the 12$! Awsome! I only got one box because I was looking to build a base for the piggers cage. I was tempted to stock up with a couple more boxes, but I know my husband probably wouldn't have liked that too much, hahah!
  14. nismosmama

    Is This An Okay Cage Setup?

    Piggies were not meant to be on leashes. It really stresses them out, also their back bones are VERY sensitive, and being on a leash can really increase the risk of them having a back injury or breaking their backs. Piggies don't need to be taken for walks, plenty of floor time and lap time...
  15. nismosmama

    Given up for now

    Well Momo just refused to use the ramp, and since then Nismo doesnt really go up to the loft anymore either. I was thinking of doing the steps but just haven't had the time. And I just felt like the ramp was taking away so much running space from my boys. So I decided to put them back to a...
  16. nismosmama

    Hay rack ideas?

    I just use a bent grid. I alternate between carboard boxes and a box I made myself out of coroplast and attach it to the cage with binder clips. It works very well, and I am able to change heights to keep it fun for the piggies, they love to climb inside: Here is a pic of Nismo IN the...
  17. nismosmama

    Stairs instead of ramps?

    That's exactly what I'm thinking. I think I might give that a try this week and see how they like it.
  18. nismosmama

    Stairs instead of ramps?

    Has anyone used a couple of bent grids staggered horizontally for their piggies to climb to the loft? Does it work for them? Momo is TERRIFIED of the ramp. I tried putting him on it to trya nd teach him that its ok, and he just wimpered and would not move in any direction, he wants nothing to...
  19. nismosmama

    Connectors and more connectors

    I completely forgot about this post. rabbitsnacavyluv, I would gladly give them to you. Just pm me your name and address. Yea I tried connectors and was about to tear my hair out. I used a ton of zipties and my cage is super stable! I'll never use connectors again.
  20. nismosmama

    Connectors and more connectors

    Well since I decided to use all zipties on my piggies cage, now I have a bag full of connectors. What the heck do I do with them? Feels like a waste to throw them away, any ideas?