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  1. SurfingPigs

    Allergies I have a piggy in a paper bag full of hay

    Hay in a bag is the favorite "toy" of every pig in my house, too!
  2. SurfingPigs

    General Addition to the Midwest Habitat cage.

    Very creative and cool. What are you using as the "floor" of the loft? (not bedding, but actual structural support)
  3. SurfingPigs

    Pigsitting Going away- what do I need to tell the pigsitter?

    I wouldn't have my pig live in the same cage as hers, but perhaps in the same room with a nice view of the other pigs? This is assuming, of course, that she is an exceptional caretaker and is well aware of the health of her pigs and she hasn't adopted any other pigs recently. Otherwise, I just...
  4. SurfingPigs

    Adopting Yay adopting! :D

    Re: Yay the pigs are here! :D (And some chaos) No, it sounds quite dangerous. When Ro Dah gets a little bigger, she will get her head stuck in the space between grids trying to get through. When pigs get their heads stuck in the grids, they panic, and broken necks can very easily occur in this...
  5. SurfingPigs

    Keeping Cool is this ice pack safe? please help!

    I sew the soft ice packs into fleece pockets for comfy, cool nap spots. So long as your pig doesn't show any interest in getting through whatever fabric and through the ice pack (which I highly doubt it would), then you should be safe using that with some fabric around it to provide a barrier.
  6. SurfingPigs


    :o You know I can't resist. I'm just happy it wasn't me saying it first this time!
  7. SurfingPigs

    Joy Elephant just had her baby

    You can sex it whenever; it will be a little easier in a week or two. Have you looked here for how to sex: Sexing Guinea Pigs: How to Sex a Guinea Pig ? Congrats on the little one! Mom isn't straining and reaching down still, is she? EDIT: Just saw the picture, congrats! Babies may bond well...
  8. SurfingPigs


    x 2.
  9. SurfingPigs

    Adopting Yay adopting! :D

    If you are adopting these from a reputable guinea pig rescue you do not need to quarantine. Guinea pig rescues quarantine all of their animals and do not adopt out pigs that are ill. I would just clean the cage as you normally would, with water and vinegar. Introduce all of the pigs on neutral...
  10. SurfingPigs


    One of my Abbies sheds a lot... way more than any of my other pigs. My long hair Abby-mix, on the other hand, doesn't shed much at all.
  11. SurfingPigs

    Adopting Yay adopting! :D

    Congrats on the additions to the herd, and thanks for adopting! She could have some silkie in her. I am fostering two silkies at the moment, and one is a mix who has a long "tail" and really long strands on each ear.
  12. SurfingPigs

    General Skinny Piggies!!:D<3

    The desire to have a pig that was bred to have a weak immune system and no hair because one finds it cute, all at the behest of the poor sow that is bred over and over again. That thoughtless (and IMO quite immature) desire and inability to see one's contribution to the overall problem seem to...
  13. SurfingPigs

    Joy You know you're a "crazy cavy lady" when…

    (I'm a crazy guinea guy, but I'll participate anyhow ;) ) 62. You choose your favorite niece/nephew based upon who asks to see your pigs the most.
  14. SurfingPigs

    Sounds Kwee wheeking extremely loud

    Sometimes pigs will cry out loudly if they are irritated/hurt. My long haired pigs will let out loud cries that sound like wheeks if I'm brushing them and there is a knot in their hair. Without being there we really have no way to tell, but if nobody was bothering her she may have just gotten...
  15. SurfingPigs

    Keeping Cool Keeping my indoor guineas cool in very hot summers!

    I put frozen plastic bottles of water in the cage during hot months for our pigs. Tiles stay nice and cool as well.
  16. SurfingPigs

    General I'm back - with some questions!

    If you are adopting a pair from the rescue, they have probably already introduced them to make sure they will do well. Could you perhaps contact the rescue you are adopting them from and ask what their current situation is?
  17. SurfingPigs

    General Veggies

    Corn starch.
  18. SurfingPigs

    General I'm back - with some questions!

    I would have them in separate carriers for the ride home if they are unintroduced pigs. You don't need to find out they don't get along when you're flying down the freeway and have no time to intervene if a full-on battle breaks out.
  19. SurfingPigs

    General I'm back - with some questions!

    You want to switch between 6 months and one year of age, once the pig is fully developed. Your 10 pound bag will probably last you around 4-5 months (my 4 went through 25 pounds in around that time). Just watch them while they eat for a while. If you have one pig that is a total hog, give that...
  20. SurfingPigs

    General Water bottle??

    Do you make sure to fill it completely full each time? You need to create a vacuum to prevent the water from leaking.