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  1. LuisaSpike

    Cage Let's see your cage Pictures please.

    gatorgirl HOLY COW! I wanna be one of your piggies! That cage looks AMAZING!!! How many pigs will it/does it house? And here is (hopefully, as my computer doesn't reliably upload pictures on to this forum) my humble attempt at a cage for my 2 baby girls <3. Sorry for the mess, somehow they...
  2. LuisaSpike

    Upper Levels How high can piggies step up?

    I have two girls in a 3x4 with a bunk bed placed at 1/2 grid, they have no problem getting up there and it is their favorite place in the cage. But I would make sure that if you don't have a closed cage, you make a top for the bunk bed as I have seen my girls eyeing the edge of the cage where...
  3. LuisaSpike

    Upper Levels Please Help with Cage Expansion

    Thanks, Traysea, that is perfect! Now, with just a little brainstorming, I should be able to figure out how to make that work with an overhanging loft. Still, that is brilliant! It will make cleaning sooo much easier.
  4. LuisaSpike

    Upper Levels Please Help with Cage Expansion

    Hey everybody, I reeeeally want to expand my girls' space, but I don't really have anywhere to go but up. I've heard that 1x_ lofts are no good because the piggies don't have enough space to move around each other, and I know that would be a huge problem with my pigs, as Luisa starts bucking and...
  5. LuisaSpike

    Coroplast Getting ready to do it the right way!

    Hi! I also had a 4x8 foot sheet of coro, and the one thing I would do differently is pay careful attention and make sure you cut straight! My scored lines were a little wavy, and it made it a pain in the neck to fold and tape. The easiest way to cut it for me was to measure your wall height...
  6. LuisaSpike

    My current piggy cages!! :D

    Oh my, 13 pigs is a lot! I sometimes feel overwhelmed with just 2! Kudos to you for keeping so many piggies happy and healthy.
  7. LuisaSpike

    C&C Whitmor cube from Walmart, safe or not?

    I also have a 3x4 cage, and I love it! The main reason that most people prefer 2x_ is because it is easy to stand outside the cage to clean it. If you don't have a problem with getting in the cage, then you should be fine with a 3x4. As for the coroplast, as far as I know it is not too difficult...
  8. LuisaSpike

    Size Cage dimensions for two pigs

    I personally would go with a 3x3. It gives your pigs more room to move around, and more importantly, more room to get away from each other. A 2x3 would by definition be okay, but there's a lot less of a chance of a fight with more space, and it will bring out your pigs' personalities.
  9. LuisaSpike

    Upper Levels Size?

    Thank You! I will go with a 2x2.
  10. LuisaSpike

    Upper Levels Size?

    So I want to make a 2nd level kitchen for my girls. I have a 3x4 cage, and my question is should I do a 1x3 loft or a 2x2? Any other suggestions? I would love to do one of those cool overhanging lofts but I simply do not have the space. I don't want to do a 2x3, because that would be a pain to...
  11. LuisaSpike

    Cleaning Controlling the HAY

    I use a hay rack made of a bent grid, with a fleece forest around it. They seem to like the security of the forest so they keep the hay in the one corner.
  12. LuisaSpike

    Coroplast Is this okay to use?

    I would suggest looking for a SABIC in your area- they sold me a huge 4x8 foot sheet for $15! But yes, that is the coro you are looking for, its just really small and really expensive...
  13. LuisaSpike

    C&C ideas on setup of kitchen

    I have my kitchen set up so that the hay rack is in the darkest, most secure corner of the cage, and one water bottle and one food dish is on one side of a different cage wall than the wall with the hay rack, and the other water bottle and food dish is on the other side of that cage wall, so...
  14. LuisaSpike

    Cleaning What to clean old with

    Oops! I guess I wasted 4.99 on a new water bottle then! lol Well I'll remember that in the future then! Thanks, Petlovr
  15. LuisaSpike

    Cleaning What to clean old with

    I saved some of my previous piggy's stuff too. Vinegar and water worked just fine, although I tossed the water bottle and the food dish.