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  1. G_Piggler

    C&C Girls are in heaven

    Very nice! Lucky babies, congrats! :)
  2. G_Piggler

    Coroplast Cage with no coro sides?

    You're right, mama_ , poos do fly. I have the flat coro panel floor (for easy stretch & clip fleece changes) and I ADDED a zip tied a coro lip (about 4") to the sides and back (like Sam's above.) Poos still sneak out, but not too many.
  3. G_Piggler

    Upper Levels Looking to upgrade, but need advice.

    Cavylier I think this is on the verge of brilliant! Post this photo in the open multi cages Photos section so more folks can see it. Well done and thank you for time and talents.
  4. G_Piggler

    Upper Levels Looking to upgrade, but need advice.

    So to me, a LOFT is a grid floor 5 grid squares up. Gpiggies can still zoom under a loft, and have their cozies up out of lap routes. An upper level is a full grid up, another full cage floor stacked on top. I'm sorry I can't seem to post photos lately, still figuring out why, but check out...
  5. G_Piggler

    Coroplast Cage with no coro sides?

    I started with no sides for optimal viewing, and yes, poops flew! I had to baby proof, so sides went up and poops STILL fly. I think SamanthaC02 has it right, but I think a few stray stinkers here and there should always be expected.
  6. G_Piggler

    Cage Whats in your cage?

    I keep the minimum "stuff" so that my girls can zoom in several patterns. Someone mentioned switching out toys and things, and my girls already LOVE this! After only a few weeks, I think I have every carved wood little fruit thingy made. I have about 5 in the cage at once here and there, and...
  7. G_Piggler

    Upper Levels Looking to upgrade, but need advice.

    Your plan looks good (with L ramp) but I think there are even easier to clean styles out there. 2x4 with no road blocks is great for your boys, so now you just need additional space for beds and a kitchen, right? Well how about a LOFT for the beds and an easy to clean 4x1 upper level for the...
  8. G_Piggler

    Size Ease of access?

    I learned soooo much from viewing the Photos section here! Check out the features section there too, lots of inspiration! Also, narrow lofts (half way up grid) are fantastic, and make for easy cornering when you want to snuggle them.
  9. G_Piggler

    Cage Water bottles in or out?

    My coro sides were too tall in the kitchen, so I put my bottle IN my standard homemade bent grid hayrack INside the cage. I can get the right height, it doesn't take up headroom since it's in the hayrack anyway, and it blocks stinkers from climbing in. I have added a second small bottle...
  10. G_Piggler

    C&C Improvement advice needed . . . .

    I think this looks really nice already! Your kitchen UPSTAIRS can be their private getaway, and up there it won't eat up zoomie routes, nor track kitchen stuff/hay onto your fleece, AND my girls mostly PP up there, yay! I can picture a 3x1 grid LOFT under the upstairs. The loft could be...
  11. G_Piggler

    Ramps Ramps outside the cage . . . .

    DO it! Outside ramps are ideal. Have a look in the photos section under Ramps. There are quite a few photos that explain the process. If you go with the bent grids, just make sure there's a solid floor, and cover the open squares with fleece or coro or something so they feel safe and are safe.
  12. G_Piggler

    Grids How to cut grids?

    I used a mini hack saw (about 8") with a metal cutting blade for the thick perimeter, and a tin snip for the skinny bars. I also have a flush cutting jewelry tool I use to clean up rough cuts ( I twist the cutter as I squeeze.) You can also file down rough edges, or cover them with the...
  13. G_Piggler

    Coroplast Alternatives Confused about Home Depot Twinwall

    Howdy, Tedology. I used the Twinwall sheet from HD. That's the largest, and it fits nicely inside most cars (a bit awkward driving home.) I had to create a smaller floor panel and I only had large scraps. HOT GLUE TO THE RESCUE! If you can have your grain going WITH the seam direction, you...
  14. G_Piggler

    Size Cage Placement

    Great question! I'm a newbie and I think as long as you can have a physical block from the sun, and the temp is consistent and comfortable, I think it should work. Wait to hear from someone who has done it, but I bet you can make it work. Good luck!
  15. G_Piggler

    Cage Let's see your cage Pictures please.

    All rough and Coro edges were edged with the 1/4" slide binders. I decided to go the single Coro panel floor route. I'm using Zorb2, then fleece sewn like a fitted sheet over it. I'm experimenting to see in Zorb2 on its own will do. I just slide the panel out to change on laundry day...
  16. G_Piggler

    Cage Let's see your cage Pictures please.

    @Amy262 Yes- the exterior ramp in just two bent U shaped grids, and the open side is ziptied to the exterior walls. I did have to create Coroplast ends and the top one has a few pieces HOT GLUED (Coro's best friend) to create a ceiling enclosure. Two ramp grids together fit just right on the...
  17. G_Piggler

    Cage Let's see your cage Pictures please.

    @Amy262 I think you're talking about the 3x1 Loft half way up the 3x2 lowest floor? It's a 3x1 floor zip tied on the back and sides to the walls 5 grid squares up. It was pretty secure since it's the minimum 3 grids wide, but to prevent bowing, I clipped 3 small spring clips from the Loft...
  18. G_Piggler

    Cage Let's see your cage Pictures please.

    Bruceb WOW! Now that's a beauty. The loooong back exterior ramp is bound to become the new standard, you just can't beat it. If you made those stylin' bins, could you share how? Thanks for the inspiration!
  19. G_Piggler

    Cage Let's see your cage Pictures please.

    T1ggerPigLuvur, YES! That's a huge hammock, hopefully room for two! I put a smaller hammock in the loft. TY for your nice comments.
  20. G_Piggler

    Cage Let's see your cage Pictures please.

    Xinaa & MrWhistles, TY! $5/yd fleece from Joann Fabric, I purchased only 3 yards and have leftovers. I sewed the Fleece Forest pieces to some scrap stabilizer I had (I'm a use-what-you-have kinda gal.) Each grid panel has it's own piece so the whole square piece can come off for laundering...