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  1. mamattorney

    Cage Coroplast in Midwest cage

    I made a bottom liner out of plastic flexible cutting boards (thin ones, almost like a plastic placemat), some tape and clear contact paper. I found the cutting boards at Aldi for less than $5 and I had the rest at home. Coro might have been easier, but I find cutting coroplast to be a pain in...
  2. mamattorney

    Cleaning POLL: Do you like cleaning your piggies' cage?

    It's no big deal to me, but I clean my cage every morning when I feed them; the whole thing including new hay, water, food and veggies takes about 10-12 minutes. I might spot clean during the day, but to be honest, spot cleaning and "full cleaning" are virtually the same thing to me. I have a...
  3. mamattorney

    Midwest Midwest cage - easy to keep the bottom clean and lasting long?

    I don't know how long "after a while" is with regards to smell, but I've had a Midwest cage for about 6 months with no issues - smell or otherwise. I don't even do a lot to clean it. Every once in awhile, when the guinea pigs are having extended floor time, I will spray the tarp with...
  4. mamattorney

    Cage Will this cage do for 2-3 weeks?

    I bought that same cage, I think (mine has wheels on the bottom and came with a shelf with ramp, too) off of craigslist for my gp's to live in for a week when we were on vacation. I actually have a midwest cage and thought that was too big to bring over to someone's house. It's smaller than...
  5. mamattorney

    Cleaning Best way to get rid of odors in Midwest Cage

    How about an enzyme based cleaner like the kind to remove dog/cat urine smells?
  6. mamattorney

    Cage Disinfecting Cage - best way?

    We are going on vacation, and a friend of my daughter's will be watching our guinea pigs. Our Midwest cage is not practical to bring to to this girl's house, so today I picked up a store bought cage off craigslist for them to live in for the week we are gone . I don't know anything about the...
  7. mamattorney

    C&C DIY hay rack

    We had a temporary hayrack made out of a small cardboard box (fruit snack box) - worked well, but I had to refill it twice a day. If I didn't buy a haybag, I probably just would have done the same thing with a cereal box, which would have solved the size problem. Definitely a cheap alternative...
  8. mamattorney

    Cage Cubes at PetCo

    The big difference is that if someone is buying a guinea pig at the pet store, they can now leave the pet store with an appropriate sized cage for $70. They may still need coro ($25) or a shower curtain ($5) or something else underneath, but the ability to have the space is there - right next...
  9. mamattorney

    Cage Cubes at PetCo

    If you look at the petco website link you can see the other side of the box just shows a gp in the grids - no additional cage. But that's too small - only 4.5 sq. feet. I took a picture of the back because it showed how it truly is a package of cubes, with the connectors and everything. PetCo...
  10. mamattorney

    Cage Cubes at PetCo

    I saw cubes (of C&C cages) at PetCo today. They are its own brand and a bit larger than regular cubes (18in square). They are overpriced compared to regular cubes, one package is $35 and you would need two packages to build a large enough cage, but for less than the large (but still too small)...
  11. mamattorney

    Cage New and improved cage

    Looks great!
  12. mamattorney

    Cage Fleece/Bedding

    Please only switch if it makes sense for you and because it is what you want; don't do it just because "everyone is telling you to" switch. Your cage and your situation is unique to you; weigh the pros and cons yourself.
  13. mamattorney

    Cage square feet

    multiply the inches (length x width), divide by 144 = sq. ft
  14. mamattorney

    Cage Fleece doesn't fit over 12" wall?

    How about velcro dots strategically sewed onto one end of the fleece with the other side on the coroplast? They sell dots with one side with a sticky back and one side sew on for projects like this - fabric to a non fabric.
  15. mamattorney

    Cage Any one tried the Midwest guinea pig cage?

    To answer your questions, I have this cage. So far, I have no complaints, I actually really like it. To give you an honest rundown of some possible negatives - here are things you should think about before you buy it - I use fleece, so it doesn't matter, but I would measure the height of the...
  16. mamattorney

    C&C Moving.....Your thoughts?

    I saw from another thread that you are getting/want to get a new cage. Why don't you find the best place for the new cage based upon its size, set it up and move them then?
  17. mamattorney

    Cage My First Cage

    Why the sarcasm? That cage is perfectly fine except for the tarp, and the tarp may clean up with a bit of elbow grease. I don't see any rust; and the sections are all still nicely hinged together. You have to clean things to keep them looking and smelling nice,and it looks like that has been...
  18. mamattorney

    Cage My First Cage

    Her mom doesn't want a C&C cage. Period. Guinea pigs need space, they don't NEED a C&C cage. As a parent, I find the repeated harassing about changing a parent's mind on things like this to be offensive.
  19. mamattorney

    Cage My First Cage

    I'm just about positive that that is not true - it's 48L x 24 width. That's where they get the 8 sq ft on the box. Where are you getting the information that the width is 16.5?
  20. mamattorney

    Cage My First Cage

    I have the midwest cage and like it. I also saw this cage that seems to meet the requirements; I'm sure they measured the outside dimensions, but it's probably about 7.5 sq. ft in the inside - they had it at my local petco. Kaytee Rabbit Home Plus - Indoor Rabbit Cage and Wire Rabbit Cage from...