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  1. Mastershroom

    Hay Orchard Grass vs Bluegrass?

    Try Sweet Meadow. They're based in Massachusetts, so shipping should be significantly cheaper than from KMS. I live in Ohio and I order their meadow hay, but I've gotten their timothy before and it's quite good. http://sweetmeadowfarm.com/
  2. Mastershroom

    Water Multiple water bottles.

    I had five pigs sharing two bottles. As long as yours don't fight over them, two shouldn't be an issue.
  3. Mastershroom

    Hay Oxbow Orchard Grass

    I get meadow hay, which as far as I know is the same thing as orchard grass, in bulk from Sweet Meadow. My pigs and rabbit all love it.
  4. Mastershroom

    Diet My Pigs Like the Smell of Meat and Fried Food!

    It probably has to do with how powerful the scent is. Raw vegetables (like what you'd find in a salad) tend not to have very powerful scents; you can't really smell lettuce unless you stick your nose in it. Fried food, on the other hand, has a way of carrying its scent throughout a building and...
  5. Mastershroom

    Brands Hay issues

    Re: My Small Pet Select Nightmare Hay is grown in fields outdoors, where bugs and other things live. It's unfortunate, but sometimes bugs end up getting harvested with the hay. If hay farms had to refund or replace every shipment of hay that had bugs in it, they'd all be out of business.
  6. Mastershroom

    Hay Can a Cat eat Hay?

    Not sure about cats, but I don't think they would eat much of it even if they had easy access; cats are carnivores by nature. Untreated lawn grass is fine for pigs to munch on as far as I know.
  7. Mastershroom

    Hay KMS Timothy + Crickets

    Get a pet frog. Free food! :)
  8. Mastershroom


    I think a testing nibble is harmless, but I certainly wouldn't feed it to them, even as a treat. I've let most of mine nibble on a bit of avocado once or twice.
  9. Mastershroom

    Diet Chubby Piggy

    They're called Guinea pigs for a reason. ;)
  10. Mastershroom

    Nutrition How to prepare cilantro?

    I just wash it and let them have at it, stems and leaves. I've never gotten it with the roots still attached, but if I did I'd probably cut that part off.
  11. Mastershroom

    Fruit question about kiwi

    As with most fruit, you should limit how much they get, as it's very high in sugar. I think splitting a kiwi between two pigs should be fine, but I wouldn't do that more than once every week or longer. As for how to serve it, I'd just peel it and cut it in half.
  12. Mastershroom

    Diet Are Popsicles ok for piggies?(I know weird queation)

    I would never feed my pigs an entire popsicle, but I've let them have a lick or two if I'm eating one. I don't think there's any harm in the occasional taste, as long as you don't make a habit of feeding them stuff like that.
  13. Mastershroom

    Hay Is KMS hay worth paying $32 for shipping alone????!!

    I've been buying meadow hay from Sweet Meadow for months now. It's fantastic. Way cheaper than store-bought Oxbow, even including the cost of shipping, and way softer, more fragrant and less dry, scratchy hay. The bags are also slightly larger, and the Sweet Meadow bags are packed so tight the...
  14. Mastershroom

    Hay Pigs don't like sweet meadow hay?

    Mine love Sweet Meadow! Though I get the meadow hay, not timothy. I generally avoid timothy hay as it's much thicker and tougher and irritates my allergies much worse.
  15. Mastershroom

    Diet strange food included in good list

    I would argue with the notion that Yahoo Answers is "often quite good"...frankly, the amount of misinformation being passed off as truth and fact there is just astounding.
  16. Mastershroom

    Diet strange food included in good list

    Guinea pigs are herbivores. They eat grass and grass-based hay, leafy vegetables and herbs, and fruit as a treat. Literally nothing on that list is remotely appropriate for a guinea pig.
  17. Mastershroom

    Diet What can guinea pigs eat?

    Some vets, sure. But the vast majority of vets are not specialized in exotics, and honestly probably don't know as much about cavies as bpatters does. Bpatters may not be a vet, but (he/she?) has had tons of first-hand knowledge and done mountains of research on the care that guinea pigs need...
  18. Mastershroom

    Hay help with kind of hay

    Alfalfa has too much calcium and protein for a healthy adult cavy. That excessive calcium can cause kidney stones.
  19. Mastershroom

    Hay help with kind of hay

    Can you get orchard grass or meadow hay? Those are both safe options, and in my opinion better than timothy hay anyway.
  20. Mastershroom

    Diet A pellet-less diet?

    Completely possible. Pellets are supposed to be more of a nutritional supplement than a dietary staple; a healthy adult piggie should only get around 1/8 cup of good quality pellets per day. Long-strand grass hay should be the majority of what they eat, and should be unlimited at all times...