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  1. MizzyMiz

    Conditions Kitchen smoke around piggies?! Help!

    It should be alright, if you have a fan I'd set it up next to their cage to keep the air circulating. I'm not to sure what else to do, so hopefully some others can chime in.
  2. MizzyMiz

    When will she have the babies

    Agreed! Keep checking them ;)
  3. MizzyMiz

    When will she have the babies

    Congrats! I'm glad everything went well :D
  4. MizzyMiz

    When will she have the babies

    Good luck :) They've got great instincts so I'm sure she'll do fine.
  5. MizzyMiz

    When will she have the babies

    I'd say any day now :) Though they tend to take longer than you think xD And welcome to the forum!
  6. MizzyMiz

    URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Pneumonia, wet chin, already been to vet

    I think you're doing all you can (plus what bpatter said). The feeding is important so that he'll have enough strength to fight it, just take the time to go slow and patiently while he eats. Hope it works out, and so sorry he's sick :(
  7. MizzyMiz

    Not Eating Guinea Pig Behaving Oddly

    I agree with bpatters that a vet is your best bet right now. Probably not malocclusion but could she have broken a tooth? If you can, gently flip her over and open her mouth to see if any of the teeth are missing/broken. Of just lift up her lips while she's sitting still.
  8. MizzyMiz

    Conditions Question regarding Pregnant Guinea pig

    Congrats! So glad they're healthy. Super adorable!!! :D
  9. MizzyMiz

    Sick Squeak is ill, advice please.

    I haven't the slightest idea what could be causing all those things, so I think the vet is going to be your best option. Though I'd start by giving her rump a good wash with some warm water. The warm water will help to draw out any infection (from the swollen parts.) Things like wheezing and a...
  10. MizzyMiz

    Hair Loss Mom is losing hair.

    Don't stress about it too much, it's probably a simple problem, but it's worth a quick trip to the vet if you're unsure. They'll know best, and I'm sure it will turn out fine. :)
  11. MizzyMiz

    Genitals Anal sac question

    She might be in heat, or just reacting to her comfortableness with the other females. I don't think it's anything too crazy, but ya, keep an eye on it.
  12. MizzyMiz

    Genitals Anal sac question

    Ya, I've never heard of/seen that in sows. Was she making that purring noise or shaking her rump at all?
  13. MizzyMiz

    Hair Loss Mom is losing hair.

    Abby's can lose a hair a bit more easily then some breeds. Again, hair loss can range from being serious, to almost meaning nothing; mites and lice are just the most common cause. I would imagine that mites would cause skin damage, but I've seen them on a number of pigs, and it just looks like...
  14. MizzyMiz

    Hair Loss Mom is losing hair.

    Hair loss could be caused by a number of things, but I'd first start by checking for mites. Just take a few minutes to really look through the hair. Pet stores sell flea combs with tiny prongs that you can use to sift through the fur to check. Is she a teddy/what kind of fur? Some breeds are...
  15. MizzyMiz

    Sick Lethargic guinea pig

    What does the poo look like, other than being pinched? Have you checked the teeth to look for any missing, broken, or malocclusion? And good idea just going to the vet right away, they'll know best. Good luck, and I hope she gets better :)
  16. MizzyMiz

    Lethals Are my pigs lethals?

    PiggieGuinea said it, but yes, I agree, I don't think you're pigs are lethals, there would be obvious teeth problems, and blindness, there are plenty of totally healthy white guineas. Good luck with your two :)
  17. MizzyMiz

    Teeth Frequently Breaking Teeth

    Thanks everyone :) I'll work on either covering it with fabric of raising the sides and see if it helps. I've been hand feeding her and she's doing just fine, the tooth has already gotten a bit longer
  18. MizzyMiz

    Teeth Frequently Breaking Teeth

    Thanks, that's very helpful :)
  19. MizzyMiz

    Teeth Frequently Breaking Teeth

    The hay is fine I'm pretty sure, I've used it on all my pigs for a long time :) and yes, she has safe chew toys, but it doesn't stop her from chewing on everything else as well xD
  20. MizzyMiz

    Teeth Frequently Breaking Teeth

    Yes, but not any more than my other pig