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  1. Abbie

    Showing and Breeding?

    AGAIN.... A curiosity question...I am not going to spend hours exploring THOUSANDS of threads. I was simply wondering how many people actually stop to REALLY think about where their pet came from. I am not trying to antagonize anyone, I have yet to see an answer that would stop and make me...
  2. Abbie

    Showing and Breeding?

    I posted this question out of curiousity because I READ quite a few threads, however NO I did not go through Thousands of threads to get answers when I could just post one myself. The cruelties of others (though sad and unjust) makes it possible for us all to love the ones we have. However no...
  3. Abbie

    Showing and Breeding?

    Breeding: act of biological reproduction. Accidental Litters is an act of Breeding and Pet Stores would cease to exist if no one had pets to purchase for! Basic Economy.
  4. Abbie

    Showing and Breeding?

    Curiosity Question. I was reading through different posts trying to find more information on gerbils. I read one where one person stated that showing and breeding animals is torture. I am curious to this one thought. If it ceased to exist, one day, any domestic animals, no place to...
  5. Abbie

    PetsMart and Petco...?

    Okay ... so I am roaming around the forum and see a lot of topics on Cruelty at Petsmart. I live in Central East Florida and here we have both PetsMart and Petco. Upon the forum discussions on Petsmart and cruelty I decided to do a search on cruelty and Petco. Not surprisingly I found plenty...