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  1. G_Piggler

    Exercise Playtime/Laptime

    Thank you for this thread! My girls are still young, so I'm trying to encourage snuggly behavior. I highly recommend using some sort of snuggle sack. A simple absorbent cloth sack on your lap will: help your Gpig feel safe, catch any poos, absorb any p's, protect from nail scratches...
  2. G_Piggler

    Videos Piggy Lunch Time! (Video)

    Thank you! I love your editing too! You've inspired me.... Your babies are just darling.
  3. G_Piggler

    Introductions Introducing piggies to cat

    I love the success stories above- so darling! I have cats and a toy dog, and have chosen to keep my G-piggies in an enclosed cage, inside our playroom, with a spring loaded auto door closer. I have 3 human kids as well, and doors can be left open.... In my dreams ALL my pets snuggle up, but...
  4. G_Piggler

    Exercise Running laps!

    Hey, SamanthaC02 so happy you're enjoying the show! I just have the 2 videos on Youtube- perhaps more to come? Not savvy on the whole subscription deal.... spy9doc TY! Check out my profile page and read the quick posts I've left. I have some tips re: the cage here and there, but altogether...
  5. G_Piggler

    Exercise Running laps!

    Thanks! I bumped the speed to 1.5X- short attention spans you know.... Here's her sister Ploof a minute later! Big finish- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=57JeMgOe2bo
  6. G_Piggler

    Exercise Running laps!

    My Floxy Swoosh enjoying her new home! (Front baby-proofing was taken down for the show) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gr2-k1TWcqk