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  1. Mastershroom

    Would anyone else love a bigger guinea pig? (Cat-sized or so)

    You might like rabbits, then. They're similar to guinea pigs in many ways, but they are larger and are generally more trainable. I have two rabbits that are fully litter box trained. Mine don't do this very often, but sometimes they'll hop up from the floor to the couch where I'm sitting :)
  2. Mastershroom

    Help! I'm worried I'm allergic to our piggies!!

    I'm definitely allergic to my pigs. I've ruled out the hay because I never have any reactions to directly handling it, but the pigs make me itch wherever they have direct contact with my skin. And it's not residual hay dust on them, because I've snuggled the hell out of my rabbit who has a cage...
  3. Mastershroom

    Chat Pet Owner, Pet Parent, or Pet Guardian?

    I prefer "overlord", or "benevolent dictator". ;)
  4. Mastershroom

    Chat Calling all Gamers!

    Has anyone gotten Watch_Dogs? It looks really interesting, sort of a futuristic GTA with some sci-fi elements, and I'm considering scooping it up on Steam.
  5. Mastershroom

    Who else has allergies to their pigs? (not the hay)

    I'm definitely allergic to my pigs. It's not very severe; my skin gets a bit itchy (but no hives) if I handle them with bare skin, and I get sneezy and my eyes water up. But I usually don't have any reaction to just being in the same room if I'm not directly handling them. And I seem to react...
  6. Mastershroom

    Chat Calling all Gamers!

    My main game for the last couple of years has been Star Wars: The Old Republic. It's sort of a sequel to the Knights of the Old Republic series, but this one's an MMO instead of a single player RPG. Mechanically, it's fairly similar to World of Warcraft, and it's a lot of fun. Very story-driven...
  7. Mastershroom

    Favorite breed and why?

    I'm partial to texels and teddies. My late teddy pig, Curly, was the fluffiest, softest pig I've ever seen.
  8. Mastershroom

    how big do pigs grow

    I don't think there's a significant difference in size between genders. Your guy probably won't grow any longer, but he'll put on some more weight. I have three pigs about a year to a year and a half old, and for the most part, they stopped getting "bigger" a few months ago, but they've all...
  9. Mastershroom

    guineas pee is white what does it mean

    If it has a sludgy or powdery consistency, it's most likely calcium. Too much calcium in a pig's diet can cause white deposits in urine, and can eventually lead to stones. Cut back on the calcium. If you're feeding alfalfa hay, switch to orchard grass or timothy hay. If they get a lot of romaine...
  10. Mastershroom

    WIsh I was in Ohio!

    Hey, I live five minutes from this shelter! Kelly, my Abyssinian, came from there! I have five females, so I don't really have a place for him myself, unfortunately.
  11. Mastershroom

    Wondering about someone on the forum...

    Glad to see you're in one piece! :)
  12. Mastershroom


    We have a handful of nicknames for all of the pigs: Quee: Big Pig (since she's by far the oldest and largest) Old Grumpy Pig (she does not like being handled) Kwee: Little (she and Quee were our first two, so she used to be the smallest...she's second largest now :p) Mouse (her face...
  13. Mastershroom

    Any YouTubers out there?

    Re: Any you tubers out their Same name as here: Mastershroom. I only have one video of my pigs up at the moment; my channel is mostly music and gaming stuff (but I'll shamelessly plug it anyway!) http://www.youtube.com/mastershroom
  14. Mastershroom

    For People that have storms coming there way!

    I'm just at the edge of Cleveland, and it just started hammering rain. It's been windy and tons of lightning and thunder for a while. Kwee and Kelly are freaking out a bit; Kelly is young, and this is the first time she's experienced a thunderstorm. No idea what Kwee's issue is. :p I don't...
  15. Mastershroom

    Me fighting at school

    Obviously avoidance is the best option, but not one that's always available. And you're right about both parties probably getting in trouble unless there's a teacher witnessing it, although OP being a girl works in her favor there. When I was in high school, I saw plenty of girls starting...
  16. Mastershroom

    Me fighting at school

    As far as I'm concerned, the only legitimate reason to fight anyone is self-defense. Spilling stuff on you is rude, but it's not even close to justifying physical assault as retaliation.
  17. Mastershroom

    Summer Tires I know its not a Piggie question..!

    Honestly, unless you haul cargo up mountains in winter and street race in the summer, I think having separate summer and winter tires is unnecessary. I see all extremes of the weather spectrum here in Ohio, and a good set of all-weather tires is great.
  18. Mastershroom

    Any Whovians around?

    I wasn't too fond of Smith for his first couple of episodes, but he grew into the role pretty well, I think. As for the direction the show is going post-Davies, I agree that it's definitely different with Moffat in control, but I'm not necessarily disappointed. I always loved the intensity and...
  19. Mastershroom

    The best way to kill a spider?

    I am very arachnophobic. As much as I'd like to say I take the moral high road and capture spiders and release them outside, the truth is I kill them on sight with a shoe and flush the remains. No mercy, no regrets. lol
  20. Mastershroom

    Yep, This is What Forever Home Really Means

    I wish people would realize that "forever home" counts for all pets that they take into their homes, not just big pets like dogs and cats. A friend of mine works at Petsmart, and she says they're already getting people bringing in their Easter rabbits because the novelty has worn off. Mind you...