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  1. MizzyMiz

    Ignorance about Cavies.

    Oh wow.... what did I just read ..
  2. MizzyMiz

    Breeding Breeding and Showing and Hate

    I'm mostly just playing devils advocate here, but I think theres a bit of educational value behind breeding (again, not say I support it) I knew this girl who bred chiwawa dogs and she was AMAZING at genetics, and absolutely love science. She was telling me she got into it because of her...
  3. MizzyMiz

    Breeding Breeding and Showing and Hate

    spy9doc, I love your response, awesome points! :D I think a big mistake a lot of people take is putting a big label on all breeders, from going to a few shows I know breeders who are just the sweetest people ever and who know a lot about there animals and work hard to give them the best possible...
  4. MizzyMiz

    Breeding Breeding and Showing and Hate

    ( Just to clarify to anyone else reading, I went to the show because I had heard about it through my 4H group and was curious about it, and I agree with doganddisc, it was actually pretty nice, the piggies didn't seem at all distressed, all had food and water, some with veggies, nice clean cages...
  5. MizzyMiz

    Breeding Breeding and Showing and Hate

    Yup, I remember the collie :) And you probably didn't see me, I didn't really stand out a whole lot
  6. MizzyMiz

    Breeding Breeding and Showing and Hate

    AHAH, Oh my goodness I saw you :D I was the supper tall girl... idk how else to describe me xD
  7. MizzyMiz

    Breeding Breeding and Showing and Hate

    You mentioned you went to guinea show
  8. MizzyMiz

    Pet Stores What is Your Goal?

    Yes, I agree, it's a big goal and it'll take a lot of work but it's not impossible, especially with this group of people :)
  9. MizzyMiz

    Pet Stores What is Your Goal?

    I think that's a really hard question... pet stores do get a lot if not all of their animals from breeders, but to say you want to stop them from selling animals all together is a pretty lofty goal. So many people don't really know the difference between pet stores and adopting, or don't think...
  10. MizzyMiz

    People protesting my schools activities

    I agree. I'm Mormon, but I'm only 15, and it's hard at school sometimes cause people question me on a lot of things, and I always stand out among my friends cause I don't curse or wear inappropriate cloths, and there's been quite a few times I've been pressured to say or do things I can't. My...
  11. MizzyMiz

    People protesting my schools activities

    I don't want to sound like a jerk :( ... but I kind of don't the idea, and get why people would be protesting it. Both religion and homosexuality are extremely sensitive topics for a lot of people, so by putting the two together, it's not surprising it's causing stir. Some people might just...
  12. MizzyMiz

    Breeding Anti breeding?

    My old man cat is not that skilled xD he brings me socks.... he has a lot of pride in his sock hunting skills. Anyway, about being "useless," I think that thats why there are so many guinea pig breeders, they are small, simple animals that are easy to care for and come in a variety of breeds...
  13. MizzyMiz


    Hey guys, I wanted to bring this question up in the kitchen because I wasn’t sure what people’s views were. Anyway, I was going to ask what your opinion is on 4H. If you don’t know what 4H is, it’s an agricultural group that’s run throughout the country. It has a variety of clubs for just about...
  14. MizzyMiz

    Animal Welfare Lazy Caretakers *Neglect*

    Oh that's terrible :( Aside from just how bad it is for the animal, who would even want that in their store :( I hope it all works out