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  1. Mastershroom

    Hello From Hamster Central!

    Glad to hear AJ is doing better :) I get meadow hay (softer and thinner than timothy, like orchard grass) for my guinea pigs and rabbit from Sweet Meadow Farm: http://www.sweetmeadowfarm.com/ I get it shipped to me in 9 pound boxes (a box usually lasts me a few weeks to a month with 3 pigs + 1...
  2. Mastershroom

    One of the rare men who owns guinea pigs

    My oldest pig, Quee, has sort of the opposite color pattern to your Blackfoot. She's all black and brown with no particular pattern, just random splotches, except one of her front legs is all white. I call it her sleeve tattoo :) I don't have many good photos of her since she's grumpy and hates...
  3. Mastershroom

    One of the rare men who owns guinea pigs

    Welcome! I, too, am a dude with pigs. We're definitely in the minority here, but we're not alone :p
  4. Mastershroom

    New here hi :3

    Yep, Petsmart carries Oxbow brand pellets and hay, which are generally pretty good quality. You can also get shipments of hay from KMS (though it's quite expensive to ship to the east coast) or Sweet Meadow, or Small Pet Select. It's a little more expensive up front, but you can get a lot more...
  5. Mastershroom

    New here hi :3

    Welcome! :) Guinea pigs are great pets, and a rescue is definitely the place to get one (preferably two...work on convincing your mother! :p) As for the things you understand: Definitely true! A few things can affect this. For one, a larger cage can stay fresh much longer than a smaller one...
  6. Mastershroom

    Help! I think I just "rescued" a piggie... that was supposed to be "kid-friendly"...

    Re: Help! I think I just "rescued" a piggie... that was supposed to be "kid-friendly" Most guinea pigs are not natural climbers. None of my 4 have ever escaped a cage or basket, anyway...they can only barely climb over the wall of their cage without grids, and that takes them a few minutes to...
  7. Mastershroom

    Need homes ASAP Female short hair 3 guinea pigs together or separate northeast Ohio

    I adopted a texel from this person. She's one of the sweetest pigs I have ever met, I guarantee the other pigs are just as chill.
  8. Mastershroom

    New to guinea pigs in Ohio!

    Never seen this many fellow Ohioans here before! I'm from Oakwood Village to be precise, about twenty minutes from downtown Cleveland. Whereabouts are you from?
  9. Mastershroom

    Giving my Guinea pigs away

    Going to pick up the texel now! :)
  10. Mastershroom

    Giving my Guinea pigs away

    Sorry to hear about your situation. I live in the Cleveland area; I'm not really in the market myself (though your texel piggy is adorable and I am so tempted), but I'll ask around.
  11. Mastershroom

    Here comes The Raggedy Doctor

    Kwee and Curly sat in my lap every day for a few weeks while I watched all 6 seasons of the newer Doctor Who. Your Doctor is lovely, though his fur reminds me more of David Tennant than Matt Smith. ;)
  12. Mastershroom

    Please meet Pickwick

    Almost 4 pounds, jeeze! What a huge piggy. Maybe he's part cuy. My oldest and biggest, Quee, is over 5 years old, and she's barely over 2 pounds. As for a hidey, if he literally won't fit in a pigloo, check out the rabbit-sized model. It's larger and has a larger opening, so he might be more...
  13. Mastershroom

    planet petco softwood bedding for guinea pigs?

    Any wood bedding should label the type of wood that it's made of. Aspen and kiln-dried pine are both acceptable bedding for guinea pigs, and either of these will be clearly labeled as such somewhere on the packaging. Non-dried pine, and cedar of any sort are both not appropriate for guineas, as...
  14. Mastershroom

    Our story seems like one that happens often- pics and a questions.

    The "aunt" female being short with the pups is probably just a result of so many piggies being confined in a single cage. The cage is probably a fine size for two females, but now that the pups are born, that makes seven piggies living in that same cage. She probably feels a little crowded. Very...
  15. Mastershroom

    HI from Africa

    Welcome! I don't think I've ever seen a member from Africa before. :) Where are you from? As long as they're the same sex, I guess it doesn't really matter which sex it is, unless you end up trying to add a third later on...then you'd want to be sure. lol As for pellets, they're not inherently...
  16. Mastershroom

    New Member/Guinea Pig Owner

    I'm severely allergic to cats (if I spend more than 15 minutes in a cat household without even sitting on or touching any furniture or carpeted floor, my eyes will get red and watery and I will have a sneezing fit), but not to dogs, and not to piggies. I originally suspected my pigs as well, but...
  17. Mastershroom

    in heat

    There aren't really any physically obvious signs, especially if you only have one piggie. If she lives with another, you might hear her rumbling at the other pig. 5 to 6 months is plenty old enough for her to be going into heat; they reach sexual maturity before 2 months of age. As for...
  18. Mastershroom

    Piggy Info

    I think there's a lot more than can be said about guinea pigs than will fit into one single forum thread, but I suppose we can find room for a few essential nuggets of information. lol Lots of space - the front page of this website has more detailed information about cage sizes and how to...
  19. Mastershroom

    Hello! c:

    No difference. lol It's pretty obvious which is which...in conversation, we usually refer to them as "big" and "little".
  20. Mastershroom


    Haven't seen many skinny pigs around here, I'm curious! Welcome :)