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  1. SurfingPigs

    Pellets Question about Kaytee Timothy Complete pellets

    From KMS? No, you will be paying much more than that. A 10 pound bag costs $11 from KMS, and shipping to you will be close to $13, not $2.19. If you order just pellets, you will pay closer to $24.
  2. SurfingPigs

    Pellets Question about Kaytee Timothy Complete pellets

    Wait until you calculate shipping.... that is usually what scares people away. However, if you calculate it out, you will likely still pay less per ounce of pellet than if you were to buy in the store. I live in CA and save a few cents per ounce when I compared 25 pound bags of KMS pellets...
  3. SurfingPigs

    Pellets Question about Kaytee Timothy Complete pellets

    I would feed a cavy that young alfalfa based pellets if I had the ability to get them. In the meantime, if you are providing a timothy pellet you can supplement his diet with alfalfa hay. Extra servings of parsley would be helpful as well.
  4. SurfingPigs

    Herbs Can chives or basil be eaten?

    Chive tops can be fed, as well as basil. Chives themselves have high disulphide levels which are toxic to guinea pig (and many other animals') red blood cells and will kill guinea pigs, if enough are fed.
  5. SurfingPigs

    Water Bowl or Bottle?

    I prefer a bottle; water bowls can be too easily soiled or spilled.
  6. SurfingPigs

    Hay If you have never tried KMS hay, you should!

    My batch of 3rd cut timothy was great, but I ordered it back in October. I have 40 pounds of 3rd cut coming in the next few days, I will be sure to report on the quality. If you received an order that is half brown I would contact KMS, they may provide you with a replacement batch if half of...
  7. SurfingPigs

    Fresh Food FRESH hay for the piggies?

    Orchard grass is awesome, it is typically softer than timothy and every pig that has been through my house loves it. The rescue actually gave me a fresh bale last night and the pigs wouldn't leave it alone. I would get some (a lot, since its free!), and let the hay celebrations begin.
  8. SurfingPigs

    Fresh Food FRESH hay for the piggies?

    "Hay" is a pretty general term. Here is info on hay: http://www.guinealynx.info/hay.html#select If it is grass hay, go for it.
  9. SurfingPigs

    Treats Good Chews?

    No. If it is the plastic kind, your pig will end up eating the plastic, which is bad. If it is the organic kind, it is full of things that your pig can't eat and could likely make your pig pretty sick. I think the point behind my last post may have been missed; if you need something to satisfy...
  10. SurfingPigs

    Treats Good Chews?

    Timothy hay, orchard grass and bluegrass. And timothy hay.
  11. SurfingPigs

    Vegetables coconut?

    No, too high in fat.
  12. SurfingPigs

    Water Fiend only gives piggy water every other day

    I would go to the mom; your friend has shown that she cares little enough about her pig to not offer it water daily just so that she doesn't have to clean. Something tells me that insisting she reads here is going to go in one ear and right out of the other. Parents need to be parents :optimist:
  13. SurfingPigs

    Pellets Terra refuses pellets

    Tomato leaves/stalks are poisonous. Entire strawberries are fine.
  14. SurfingPigs

    Pellets Terra refuses pellets

    Strawberries are great, you can feed the entire thing, just don't feed them too often because they are fruits and higher in sugar. When I snack on strawberries my pigs get the tops as treats; its always fun to be able to share my snacks with my pigs.
  15. SurfingPigs

    Pellets Terra refuses pellets

    The short answer is yes, pigs can live a totally normal life without pellets. However, it usually ends up being pretty expensive and quite difficult. It also take a careful eye for nutrition as pellets do provide quite a range of fortified vitamins and minerals that require a proper range of...
  16. SurfingPigs

    Hay KMS runs out of Bluegrass!?

    There is somewhere that we can get nice, big bales for something like $5; its no KMS bluegrass, but the pigs are still fans. If I go that route, I'll shoot you a PM here and you can have some. The SPCA off Morena Blvd. sells nice orchard grass bags from a local farm at fair prices.
  17. SurfingPigs

    Hay KMS runs out of Bluegrass!?

    UGH! That is terrible news... my pigs go nuts for her bluegrass, and I am running on scraps at the moment. I suppose its 3rd cut tim and orchard grass for the forseeable future. What a bummer. I have a very chubby and whiney boar who I'm going to have to talk off the edge when he gets the news.
  18. SurfingPigs

    Fresh Food Belgian Endive

    Yes, they can have it. I treat it the same as normal endive, since this is just another variety.
  19. SurfingPigs

    Diet Can guinea pigs eat flowers?

    Certain flowers can be eaten, but make sure they are safe. I am currently growing pansies and marigolds for mine. Just be sure that there are no animals using your moms garden as a toilet and that she doesn't apply dangerous pesticides/fertilizers/gopher bait in the garden. A google search or...
  20. SurfingPigs

    Grow Your Own Can Guinea Pigs eat Wheat Grass?

    Rye would be fine, wheatgrass is probably a bit healthier. My pigs love wheatgrass.