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  1. luvmyboyz

    The Chronicles of Chalmette

    Oh Chalmette, you are such a good girl, and I`m so glad your life is getting better everyday. I pray for you to continue being happy. Your day`s are now filled with wonderful surprizes instead of fear and pain. Learning about love is fun isn`t it. Keep us updated.
  2. luvmyboyz

    The Chronicles of Chalmette

    Chalmette, your lady sounds wonderful. I`m so glad your feeling better and on your way to a happier life. Your story has brought tears to my eyes but also smiles. I pray your life keeps getting better. You are in my thoughts. Tell your lady, thank you from me.
  3. luvmyboyz

    Sleeping Paralysis

    I have that maybe twice a week. Yes, it is awful, I guess I must moan or make some kind of sound, cause my Husband will call me or touch me so I come fully awake.
  4. luvmyboyz

    Crazy, silly pigs

    Chuckie went to Target for his hat.
  5. luvmyboyz

    Crazy, silly pigs

    Yes it is. Chuckie looks very pretty. don`t you agree?
  6. luvmyboyz

    Crazy, silly pigs

    One more silly Chuckie pic.
  7. luvmyboyz

    Crazy, silly pigs

    One more silly pig, Chuckie, or should I say his Butt?
  8. luvmyboyz

    Crazy, silly pigs

    That`s my silly Oreo hiding in a cloth bucket I bought at work.
  9. luvmyboyz

    Bad Haircut

    Oh yeah, I would really make a stink about it and get a full refund. Few months ago my hair was to the middle of my back and I kept complaining about it. One day my husband and I went for a walk and I was complaining about the hair, we were about to pass a BoRics, yep the cheap hair cut place...
  10. luvmyboyz

    Happy Holidays all

    I got a newly engaged son.
  11. luvmyboyz

    Happy Holidays all

    Merry Christmas everyone. I got two days off work to stay home and cuddle my boys, to me that is the best gift.
  12. luvmyboyz

    Happy Birthday Ly!!

    Happy Birthday. Have a great day.
  13. luvmyboyz

    So has anyone got any snow yet?

    We now have about 6 inches. It looks pretty, for now.
  14. luvmyboyz

    Favorite Holiday Songs??

    I like that song, and Baby Please Come Home, the version by U2.
  15. luvmyboyz

    Anyone Out There Have a Loved One with Autism?

    It`s a lovely site, I will pass it on, two of my good friends have a child with Autism. One is older and 30 years ago Dr.`s did`nt know as much as they do now, so it was and still is hard. The other Child is doing really well cause of the age, they handle things different these days. It`s a good...
  16. luvmyboyz

    Soda Drinkers!

    Listen to this one, in Chgo. they just passed a new tax. Tens on each bottle of water. Pops gonna be cheaper to drink.
  17. luvmyboyz

    Soda Drinkers!

    I`m the other side, I drink gallons of pop, as we call it in Chgo. At one point we would drink 5 to 6 cases a week, we are down to maybe 1 and a half, that is a big difference. My husband drinks green tea also. I`m working my way slowly. I was raised with both a Mom and Dad that were both big...
  18. luvmyboyz

    I Think I'm Going to Be Engaged...

    What a romantic guy you have there. I`m so happy for you two, and I send lot`s of warm wishes your way. It really is nice to hear good news.
  19. luvmyboyz


    Can`t wait to see the pictures.
  20. luvmyboyz

    New Underwater Photos

    Beautiful pictures.